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Flirt with the sweatshirt

With this god awful weather hitting us, it is impossible to get the courage up to go outside and face a battering of pouring rain and gale force winds but high street and our beloved online stores are making it that little bit more appealing by making it ok to wear sweats.
Now don't get me wrong, by sweats I mean sweatshirts...I am still a strong believer of the fact that sweat pants are a sign of defeat when compared to other REAL clothing. However, the sweatshirt trend is proving to be very nice indeed!
With cheeky slogan, cropped fits and every colour you could think of here are my top picks of the best sweetest sweats around.
Motel stock this Made in Hell sweat for £60 - Remember Motel are  amazing for student discounts
Topshop stock the brand And Finally who created this  Sgt Peppers sweat
H&M's trend collection (which I love) stock this over sized sweatshirt  which is a bargain at £24.99
River Island also stock this girly sweat for £25! Also on ASOS it is styled wit…