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Passion for Fashion!!

Ok so I was lucky enough today to receive an email to enter a competition for money super market to style some outfits using my favorite online retailers. The aim was to create five different Autumn/Winter looks that I thought would suit the given titles all for under £200. These were party, casual, outdoors, first date and office. At the end of the competition there will be one winner for each category who will win £200 to buy their winning outfit, the overall winner will get £1000 to buy each outfit and an I-pad! How cool hey?! So here are my outfits! My selections have come from my most loved online retailers, Missguided, Glamorous UK, Asos, Very and Lavish Alice. Check out the competition here .
This look I aimed to create a classy but chic party look. As the seasons are focused on Autumn/Winter I knew that bare legs needed to be contrasted with a higher neck and blazer. (For temperature reasons) For this outf…

Introducing Mallzee!

There is about to be a face lift in the world of online shopping! Mallzee a new form of online shopping soon to be launching into our fashion loving lives! Featuring hundreds of your favorite brands including Urban Outfitters, New Look, Feel Unique and beauty brands such as St Tropez, Mallzee lets you filter your favorites and shop purely your most loved brands. 
However it doesn't end there. We all know what it's like when you can't decide what you want to buy right? Especially if you're on a budget? So, with it's new social networking aspect you can pick and choose your items and invite your friends to shop in your own mall via Facebook. This means they can give you their own advice on what they think you should buy. Your friends can then star the outfits they love and you can even negotiate prices with Mallzee themselves. What could be better?! 
Just before you think it can't get anymore amazing, you can then create a shop all of your own and use your twitter …

Mollie King - Style Queen!

Mollie King (and her Saturdays band mates) are slowly becoming the most stylish girl band in the world. As they are strutting their stylish stuff in LA at the moment they are soon to take over the world of fashion. Although I love all of The Saturdays, my favorite fashionista member has always been Miss Mollie King. She literally rocks her style from her blonde locks to her killer heels. Even when she's travelling or in airports she always manages to look amazing. So amazing in fact she has dates David Ghandy (cue the swooning ladies) so I have chosen some of my favorite Mollie looks and hunted down where you can find them!

This LA sunshine look is adorable! All in white Mollie looks chic as always. After having a bag named after her by Aspinal of London Mollie always makes sure she has the arm candy on. If you love the classic leather bags like Mollie then start your search here for a look at the entire range - Find her shirt at French connection and the cu…

Colour yourself pretty!

Finally Louise Gray has launched her make up collection in Topshop. I remember when Topshop first released that they were going to start a make-up line, I was SO excited. I am such a Topshop worshiper, to the extreme where I sometimes feel quite embarrassed walking into the shop when I realise everything from my shoes to my under wear and even my lipstick is Topshop. But hey ho I don;t have a boyfriend so instead I choose to be in love with Topshop. I metaphorically wrap myself in love with chunky knits and leigh jeans. THAT is true love.
So anyway, swoon over. Louise Gray is quite the funky monkey. She is known for her outrageous and colourful style and has not let the side down with her collection. reflecting her love and passion for colour, everything from the packaging to the products are bright and eye catching. The prices are also amazing! (Don't forget students we get an extra 10% off...sometimes 20%!) She has also designed a few items of the most breath taking and beautiful…

Get Glamorous

Glamorous is known for the it's on trend and elegant style. A lot of the celeb world also buy their gorgeous dresses from Glamorous! So below I have picked some of my favorite products from their website for you to take a peek at!
For £32.99 this dress is amazing! So pretty and can be worn day or night!
There are a lot of lace dresses around at the moment, I don't think the trend will ever really die. But this stunning "Marry me" dress is a lovely colour and is completely different to others on the market! It also has an exposed back zip which I LOVE on dresses! Find it here -
Ok so I actually gasped with love when I saw this! How cute!? This is also very Caroline Flack! Find it here -
This adorable little shirt is perfect for Autumn, the detail around collar is perfect! Find it here -
As I am a girly girl, anything with flowers appeal to me! The print on this playsuit is lovely and it comes with the cut…

Under it all....

So a lot of my posts, well all of my posts feature on what people can see all of the time. Clothes, make up, hair, homeware. So for a change I thought I would shine a light on the world of under wear! I mean every girl loves nice under wear and I'm sure every man does too (wanting to look like David Beckham at the moment I imagine.)
There's always something about  having nice underwear on, now don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of the Bridget Jones knickers, you know the ones that sort of meet your bra and make you look like your wrapped in bandages. But the do squish everything in. HOWEVER I have never loved underwear as much as the items I buy from Boux Avenue.
Not only are the Boux Avenue stores adorable, everything down to how they wrap the products to the carrier bags are so pretty! It helps having nice carrier bags especially in Cardiff because we have to pay for them. They also do the most adorable pjs too! So whether you are looking for day to day or your winter snug…

What you need to know about mens swimwear!

Choosing what to wear on the beach and around the pool canbe difficult for both men and women and is a decision not to be taken lightly.Whilst there is a wealth of literature offering advice for women on what tolook for when buying swimwear, there is considerably less advice in circulationfor men. To help you get your choice of swimwear right, here is asimple yet helpful guide to men’s swimwear.
Casualness exudes sexiness, particularly when it comes to mensswimwear. It is not too difficult to achieve a casual look on the beach asthere is a wide range of swimwear for men that can be placed in the casualcategory. Board shorts – sometimes referred to as ‘boardies’- forexample, can certainly be deemed as a casual choice of men’s swimwear. Beingdurable, quick drying and stylish, board shorts have always been a popularstyle of swimwear amongst male surfers. Being ultra-comfortable, loose fittingand much more modest than the likes of thongs and trunks, ‘boardies’ alsoprovide the perfe…

Ever so Pinteresting

I'm sure I am not the only person COMPLETELY obsessed with Pinterest now! It amazes me how such a simple idea of a website that consists of beautiful images of pretty much anything can become so addictive. I have realised how it has really helped me on quite a few levels! Being a Fashion student I am always on the hunt for new and interesting things and (as you can probably tell from my blog) I don't really like pushing pictures of myself or what I am wearing on people unless they are relative to my post. So with Pinterest I think it is easier to take elements of images and pictures of peoples style to adapt in your own way.
Personally I have always been one of those people who doesn't actually like people copying the way I dress, I love reviewing clothes and suggesting how people can create their famous style icons looks rather than forcing my personal style on others. 
This is how Pinterest is perfect! It balances the right amount of style with the right amount of other in…

A lot of Flack for Style

So as we all know (unless you've been living under a rock) style star and X-factor gal Caroline Flack has received a lot of abuse for her relationship with Harry Styles. Personally I think she did absolutely NOTHING wrong. For one who wouldn't go out with Harry Styles if they had the chance and two if you looked like Caroline Flack why wouldn't you live your life to the full?
But moving on from the Harry Styles fiasco I wanted to prove to cynics out there that Caroline should not be receiving 'Flack' for her relationship but praise for her fashion sense!
Being one of the very very few famous women out there who are not a size zero, I think Caroline immediately becomes an idol. She is a healthy, pretty size and wears clothes that are mainly high street based. She also mixes different things and doesn't stick to keeping one specific style.
Here at Graduate Fashion week she rocks a simple striped t-shirt with a tulip skirt. On top of this rocking her infamous dip dye…