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Geek chic


This pretty much sums up everything that I adore about Alexa Chungs' style. On she has a style blog that shows everything she decided to wear for the duration of a month. It shows her at work and during her social time and every single time she manages to pull off an amazing outfit. She is the Princess of fashion and the Queen of Chanel.


Social Network

I know this is nothing to do with fashion however I think this is something that affects fashion and how people think of themselves.

Social networking.

Now when I was in secondary school and going through my 'emo' phase I was all about Myspace, you would spend hours re-doing your profile making sure you had the right backgrounds and songs and people would continuously comment on your embarassing photos with nice comments. You could be one of a kind.

However now, I sit on Facebook and read endless comments of people making horrible remarks about people, horrible remarks about their friends, families and constantly commenting on how people look or how they've dressed on nights out. There are photos of everything personal in peoples lives from weddings to christenings.

Facebook should be a place to network (I get that) post your blog on it or upload yourself show casing a talent but I think there is a point that has been hit recently where Facebook has turned into people being ab…

I hope camel doesn't go anywhere

I was just sat here looking at the clothes I have asked for for Christmas whilst searching Topshop for camel nail polish. I think I am a bit of a camel clothing lover. Also looking through my wardrobe my winter collection seems to consist of mostly dusty pink and camel. What am I going to do if camel goes out of fashion?

I think I'm going to have to start a campaign for designers to "Keep camel cool" I am sat right now in my high waisted Zara camel with my aran knit cardigan. Also another piece of clothing that I know A LOT of people will be missing if it goes out of style. 

Oh no.

Fast fashion is about to ruin my wardrobe :(


Here comes the bride


Matthew Williamson has announced that he is releasing his very first range of bridal dresses. He is one of my favourite designers and best friend of Sienna Miller. I can only begin to imagine how gorgeous these dress will be!

I'm going to do some searching to see if I can find any of them.............YES

He is a genius! They are the most angelic, pretty and graceful dresses that have been designed by such a famous and respected designer yet. (Apart from Vera Wang of course) Well...let the dress saving fund OPEN!


Its not all about the designer....

Now I'm not going to lie, if I could afford it i would be draped head to toe in Chanel and D&G with a nice hunk of Mulberry hanging off my arm but.....I'm not. I'm far from. I'm a student and therefore I worship the fashion forward high street. Now I will be the first to say that I don't walk around looking like a fashionista. Give me a leather jacket, tea dress and a pair of brogues any day! But i do know what is hot. High street hot. 
Zara.  Now i have been a fan of Zara for years. I'm one of those annoying 'I don't want to wear anything anybody else has got' people. I never say 'ooh where are those from' or 'Do you mind if i get those?' Because be honest....we all mind if somebody copies our clothes!
So Zara.
They have created a mind blowing look book with gorgeous outfits.

 This is on my Christmas list already  This is a look i adore. No matter what anybody says, any dress teamed with a leather jacket will always work. Without a do…

Parisian Chic

I'm a girl who loves Paris and the epitome if Parisian chic (and what I wish I could be) is Audrey Tautou.

Back to Black?

Now I know that dark lips were all in season through winter but really? Im all for a bit of make up but i just cant wrap my head around why people would wear black lipstick?!

Now im a huge Gossip Girl fan and to see what Taylor Momsen did look like a few years ago is a bit of a shock when I look at her now. She was so girly and pretty when she started in GG and now shes a girl whos too young and trying too hard to make a name in the fashion world. I know Beyonce looks fab in whatever she chooses to wear but even she is struggling to pull of this lipstick. I think it just takes away from everything else on a womans face! Why if you pretty would you smother yourself with black lipstick?!

See i prefer the natural look, or for an old school chic the red lip. 
Blake Lively is a prime example of lipstick worn right.

I think going all out on the lips is just a bit too far when it comes to keeping make up looking classy. Everybody should follow the rule 'Eyes or lips but never both' and a …

David Downton

I know that everybody assumes that fashion is just designer has an idea, gets somebody else to make it, gets it recognised on the catwalk and BAM they're a billionaire. But its not like that and fashion is not just about clothes.
I have come across David Downton.

David Downton has visited endless amounts of  couture catwalks in Paris over the years and has shown his respect and admiration for Christian Dior by quickly sketching his garments as they come down the catwalk and later developing them into sketches to create art pieces.

Oh Sienna.

I thought it was appropriate by this time to let people in on who i WORSHIP as a fashion icon.

Sienna Miller.
This is one of my all time favourite Sienna outfits. She manages to pull of such a pretty dress and yet keep it so on trend with what she has styled it with. I have two more red carpet looks that she has worn that deserve every fashion award going in my opinion.
Here she looks like a princess! The epitome of elegance and yet still chic and girly. 

This is my all time favourite. I love how she doesn't always feel the need to wear down to the floor glamour to look amazing. I love how she wear detailed jewellery instead of the obvious Tiffany's some others wear.  This for day time elegance is perfect. I love how something so simple is turned into an outfit like this! Maybe the fact that she has the most desirable handbags in the world also help!
This is my favourite outfit I can remember seeing Sienna Miller wearing. Her shorts are amazing. Shoes are amazing and yet she can sti…