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Be prepared for the rain!

Hello guys! I am back! My hand in was out of the way today and we have finally created our own magazine for submission *cheers*. It has literally been the longest and most tiring three weeks of uni so far! I've also drank more coffee than Starbucks can physically produce!
I have noticed however that this dark an dreary weather brings people down. We wake up and go to work/uni when it's dark and come home when it's's all a bit depressing! The rain lately has also been incredible, I never actually thought it could rain as much as it had been!
Now I don't know about you but I am NEVER prepared for the rain! I know it will rain if I wear dolly shoes, if I wear my fur coat and if I have my Michael Kors bag, just because it would. I never have my umbrella and I can guarantee that I turn up at uni looking like a drowned rat.
So I have made a little collection of things you need to have to be prepared for this wet, wet weather.
Accessorize is one of my favorite plac…

Check out my guest author interview!

Hey guys!
Check out my interview with Womens personal finance about my best beauty and fashion on a budget and a bit about me and my blog!
Check it out here! -
Thaaaanks :)

Millie Mackintosh Sequin Jacket

Hi guys!
So after sitting on Twitter last night after Made in Chelsea, I noticed that everybody fell in love with Millie's stunning sequin sleeved jacket! So I thought I would be nice to you all and pass on the link to the website to buy her jacket from!
Get onto Lavish Alice and bag yourself the 'Beaut' jacket!

Go to and fall in LOVE!

The Black Friday sale begins

This is a bit of an off the cuff post for me and is actually quite informative which could make a nice change to some of my rambles but I have recently been made aware of a shopping day that exists in America called "Black Friday" now if you're like me, when you hear black Friday you immediately think of the night once a year where everybody goes out and gets really drunk right? But oh no not this one!
Black Friday is actually a day of massive sales in America. All of the major websites and stores hold HUGE sales and attract some of the biggest spenders of the year. Of course perfectly timed before Christmas I was contacted by Catherine Lavinia who is running her own personal project on reflecting the statistics of Black Friday. Not surprisingly it is women who spend the most money on this day and actually spend weeks in advance talking about it on social networking sites.

This was sent to me by Catherine and shows us girls how much we love to shop! It's also quite a h…

Christmas Party Outfit Blogger Challenge

Fashion vouchers are running a competition for bloggers to find a show stopping Xmas party outfit for under £100. All you have to do is visit their website  pick a merchant and create your outfit from there! You can use any discount vouchers they are advertising as long as they are still live when you post your submission. 
So bloggers...this is a time to shop!
Good Luck!
Check out my entry underneath :) Selected retailer - Debenhams (Because of my love for Henry Holland)
The dress and I mean THE dress.  Henry Holland Currently 20% off on fashion vouchers £52
Black Velvet Odeon wedges.  £25 (Using the 20% off)
Black envelope clutch bag £12 (20% off)
Mood Ring £3.20 Gold stud earrings £4
All of my items were from the Debenhams 20% off sale.  Total = £96.20
My personal style reflects simplicity but class at the same time. For Christmas I think it is too easy for people to over accessorise and put too much emphasis on the "Christmas sparkle" I therefore wanted the…

When she was 22....

Hey guys! I have been a very bad blogger the last week *slaps wrist* I have been SO busy with uni work and hand ins,alongside actual work at H&M that I have been crashing at 7 and getting back up at 6 to start it all again! All part of the game though hey? 
On top of this I had my 22nd Birthday on Tuesday (cue the quarter life crisis) AND I have been to London to the Company Magazine Fashion Forum, so I thought what a better way to burst some life back into A fashionable affair than to show you MY life for the last few weeks?
I've never actually done a post like this so apologies if you hate it!
Ok so before all of the fun began my week taken over by possibly my favorite uni project I have done. Our brief was to promote our uni magazine Platfform in a unique way and present to our lecturer and Ric Bower who is the creator of Blown magazine. This meant I had a pile of Platfform magazines constantly under my arm and actually had dreams about it...sad I know. But in the end all went…


So as you will probably know if you read my blog....or if you know me, I am slightly obsessed with Pinterest. I LOVE this website and it is actually the source of an awful lot of my work and style inspiration so  I thought I would post some more of my favorite pins from the last few weeks and make sure more of you get pinning!
I'm a sucker for a good quote and some of the stunning words on Pinterest are beautiful!

Another board of mine that I am constantly adding to is my "Ultimate Icons" board filled with everybody I take inspiration from.

I even pin pictures of things from cute puppies to tattoos and it was using Pinterest that inspired my tattoo, which thankfully has been one of the best things I have ever had! So even if you are browsing around and find a completely random picture you love PIN IT! 
(I don't know what this is but it seems it's pinned) It is actually pinned onto a board originally named "Things"
So just give it a go! You will be am…

Must Wear Fur (Faux of course)

As winter is darkly creeping in I think it's about time that I dig out my beautiful fur coat and convince everybody else to do the same. My brother brought me my first fur coat as a moving out present, it was the first fur (I will point out it's fake again) I had ever worn and fell in love straight away! So I am spreading the love! Even though different styles of coat come and go through the seasons, it is the fur coat (alongside the black leather jacket) that will ALWAYS remain as staple pieces of every girls wardrobe.
So knock yourself out with this list of my must have fur!
River Island
Asos - This is amazing for something a bit different!

Asos also have this stunning leopard print number!
If you don't feel brave enough to go all fur then try these fur lined coats from Topshop
Boohoo never fail to offer up some of the most reasonably priced coats of the season!
Don't forget that every high street store will also be selling crazy amounts of fur acces…

My Westfield London dream wardrobe!

So Westfield London are running a competition to win your most loved and wanted designer bag! So I was more than happy to jump on board and focus my Winter wardrobe post around the one bag love of my life, my Chloe dream. 
My Westfield wardrobe focuses on a collection of my favorite winter must haves and the items of clothing I drool over on a daily basis. Being over £1,000 Chloe handbags are slightly *cough* totally *cough* out of  my price range so being able to admire it from  far is the best I can get!
When it came to building a wardrobe around the bag I knew exactly what I would want. I know the designers I would wear and the high street beauties I would love. I have re-pinned the must have Mulberry boots to be worn with the cutest little Paul and joe dress and topped off with this seasons Burberry herringbone coat. In a different little collection I have teamed up the most adorable Louboutin gold capped shoes with an over sized nautical striped jumper and the staple burberry mac.