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Best Boots

So now winter is well and truly on it's way *sob* it's time to start looking for those perfect winter boots! I always find it difficult to buy boots because I tend to wear brown more than black, but I do wear a lot of dresses with tights. Once you decide on the colour you then have to choose a style. Do you want ankle boots, riding boots, chelsea, brogue, heeled, flat, hidden? Leather, suede? Studs or no studs? Laces or no laces? The list can be endless, so I have been browsing some of my favorite online stores and have found that is my go to place for the best boots this winter!
Take a look at some of  my best picks and see what you think!
These gorgeous studded boots are a bargain at £51.95, you don't often see boots with contrasting soles but these work really well. They also come in grey which are stunning too! Find them here -
Fitting in with the grunge trend that has hit this season these pu leather capped boots are perfect for trend fo…

Lana Del Ray for H&M

Now I know I have just started working in H&M but boy oh boy am I glad! Lana Del Ray has become the new face of the Autumn/Winter campaign in store and online. If you were going to take style advice from anyone it would be her right? I'm sure most of you will have seen the new adverts too, they give H&M an un-predictable and new edge that has never really been seen before. Using Lana who is possibly one of the most admired style icons at the moment is set to draw in crowds of young fashionistas looking for amazing clothes worn by their idols. These trousers caused a little bit of a disagreement, I personally love them but they have had some negative reactions too! I think to pull these off you really need to team them with heels to lengthen your legs and balance out the contrast of wearing printed bottoms. This is skirt is possibly my favorite thing that has EVER been sold in H&M. The cream feather skirt is adorable and a bargain at £25.99!!
This stunning image is one of …

Holy Smokes

With smokey eyes, finding the right balance of colour and darkness is difficult. I always tend to use browns to create my smokey eyes with a combination of light to dark moving out of my eye. However on a night out last week I decided to go for black eye shadows and eye liner to create my desired look. I was wearing a dark red shift dress from H&M that had a leather peter pan collar, I wanted to pick up on the black and create extra pow with my eye make up.
So to create my look I used a combination of different eye shadows and eye liners. I had treated myself to some new  make up from Feelunique because it is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying it from any high street store. I will list below what I used so you can have a go at creating your own smokey eyes.
 As an all over base I went for a natural colour from my rimmel eye shadow palette. Found here - go for one of the lighter shades to start with.
I then built up the colour using layers of the darker browns…

The most fashionable of fashion week

Gabriella Wilde
Allyson Felix
Laura Bailey
Pixie Lott
Alexa Chung
Olivia Palermo

And finally possibly the most stylish friendship group ever! Kelly Osbourne, Pixie Geldoff and Alexa Chung front row! So jealous!

Farrell by Robbie Williams

Ok so before I even begin to write about Robbie Williams' new clothing line Farrell, I feel it necessary to point out to you how much of a Robbie Williams fan I actually am. From the ago of about 10, I started learning the words to all of Robbies songs and remember repeatedly singing Supreme at the top of my voice and my dad looking a little bit confused. The by the time I was 12 I was heading to Knebworth with my mum to see him live, I was so star struck the day after that I went 24 hours without speaking (for those people who know me that really is a big deal). A few months later I was at the front of the crowd screaming Robbie's name at Soccer Aid watching him 5 feet away from me (also wearing my inner sanctum t-shirt) after then seeing him at Live 8 and Milton Keynes, having an £85 canvas of him for xmas which is currently hanging in my uni flat and owning every single album, dvd, t-shirt etc he has made I really am a die hard fan. (And not a stalker as much as it sounds l…

Grazia Street Fashion week!

Right all of you fashion lovelies out there, I have some exciting news! Lucy Smith is working on a project to hunt down the best street style in different cities over the country. 7 fashion bloggers from the chosen cities (Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London and Birmingham) have been set the task to find this amazing style in their own cities, you lovely Grazia followers will then be able to vote for your favorite city and even upload pictures of your own style to join in with the competition. 
Obviously as I live in Cardiff I am backing my stylish city all the way! On the 25th of September Lucy will be in Warehouse in St Davids searching for her favorite items, there will also be Toni and Guy make overs in store for any customers (WOW)
Pictures are going to be snapped of all of this style and will be uploaded onto alongside all of the pictures that the public choose to upload! If you're still not intrigued or as excited as I am there is one ma…

White Stuff - Nice stuff.

So if you read my blog you will have read my post about my parents and how I love their style. My mum is a devoted White Stuff fan and actually my Dad is pretty into his White Stuff clothing too! So today when I walked past the shop window in Cardiff and saw their new adorable window I thought straight away that it is exactly how I want to dress when I get to the age that it suits.
Although the models they use in their campaigns are young and stylish I personally think that White Stuff itself is more suited to women in their 40's - 60's. Women who want to be stylish and different to others on the high-street head towards White Stuff for their wardrobes. The new catalogue came through the front door the other day and my mum nearly had a heart attack, the new look book is stunning and perfectly White Stuff.

I want my mum to get this for work. How nice is the combination of the shirt under the dress. That is one thing that I really admire about White Stuff. The fact that no matter …

New in at Missguided!

Ok so all of you lovely students out there will be searching high and low for the best student discounts around on your favorite brands! Well Missguided have decided to offer us poor students a lovely 15% discount on their gorgeous clothes! So to help you all along with picking what you love I have selected some of my best new pieces from the Missguided site.

This khaki jacket is studded with skulls on the shoulder making it completely unique compared to anything else on the market! It is only £43.99 before you even take off your discount! Find it here -
This lace neck trimmed dress is AMAZING and it is only £16.99 before discount! How amazing is that?! Find it here -
Keeping bang on trend with the trophy jacket from last season, keep it going this season with this beautiful jacket! It also comes in white and black. On top of how nice this looks it is possibly the cheapest trophy jacket I have seen on the market at £33.99 before student disco…

In fashionable Company

I have internet again (*cheers*) and I have been desperate to spread the love for this months issue of Company magazine! Now being a fashion student I am going to be slightly biased towards fashion graduates helping on this issue, however they did an AMAZING job! I have always loved Company magazine but since it's re-vamp it has become such a bible in my monthly magazine shopping. Every single piece of advice or fashion news they print is something that every fashion loving girl or guy would need and want to know!
This month the graduates working on the issue also interviewed one of my style icons and loves in fashion, Fearne Cotton. She gave the most insightful and funny interview and really stood out as being someone who completely loves fashion. I also love how it was mentioned that the graduate girls were panicking and excited to meet her.
Company are all about helping the next generation of fashion writers or reporters to take the next step in their careers. So I am writing thi…

Blake Lively for Gucci

Blake Lively is now the new face of Gucci. After numerous luxury brands snapping her up, Lively seems to be taking over the designer world. I love her! I think she is not only brilliant at her job but stunning on top of it all. Take a look at the new shoot with Blake. With director Nicholas Winding Refn blake looks as stunning as ever.



Gossip Guy

Ok so yesterday I spent the day shopping with my G.B.F (Gay best friend) who I hadn't seen for a while since I have been at home over the summer. He now works in River Island and we went in to pick some of his new work wardrobe. Oh my god, I was in LOVE with pretty much every item of mens clothing in there! All of a sudden River Island seem to have had a huge fashion overhaul! 
When I think of mens style, especially in the celebrity world there are really only a few guys that stand out to me as having great style. David Beckham (as always), Henry Holland (for the geek chic) and most of all Ed Westwick. Ed Westwick plays the edible Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl and his transition from suited up Chuck to rocking and edgy Westwick is pretty incredible. 
So I am going to pick some of the best looks from Westwicks wardrobe and my favorite picks from River Island for the guys to use.
His statement pieces in his daytime wardrobe consist of numerous band t-shirts and trilbies teamed with skinny …