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C'est chic.....

Some of my Digital Paris photography.

And some SLR.

Move over Alexa....there's some new arm candy in town.

Famous for things of true beauty, Mulberry is a brand constantly updating its collections. Just when you think you're in love with the classic Bayswater, they introduce the Alexa, when you fall in love with that they go Large, decision made on the over sized Alexa? They throw in the Polly push, added onto all of the versions of purses alongside the choice of patent, cracked, animal print or classic material its hard to decide which mulberry arm candy deserves your love right?

Well ladies (and some gentleman) I introduce to you the stand alone Mulberry Carter. Like no other Mulberry before, the Carter has an air of Chanel about it. Ranging from just bigger than a coin purse to classic over sized and fashioning a chain handle and in a variety of styles from embossed snake, crocodile nappa and softest suede, the Carter already has celebs swarming. And I must say, I am swooning too.

With the Mulberry creative director labelling the Carter as "Mulberry girl grown-up" could th…

Every decision is a hard decision

I realise now that every decision everybody makes is a hard one. I am a bit of an exception for this as I am the most in decisive person ever. But after the last few months of truly horrible events happening in my life I believe that every decision no matter how big or small is a hard one. For example, I have to pay my rent for my flat in  Cardiff without actually living there, my decision to not move in and pay half rent....was a hard one. The shampoo I wanted to buy, £6.00, it took me 15minutes to decided to spend that much money on something when it is literally going down the plug hole. To the extreme of do I go and visit my beloved nan,which heart breakingly this week was for the last time, it took me days to decide and now I could not be more glad.

So how are you meant to balance out these choices? Do you group them all into the same level of decisions or do you split them? Are big decisions more important to spend time on? Or is gut reaction the best way to go?

Personally I jus…

Being fired is in fashion?

I cannot believe that one of the breaking news headlines in the fashion world is that the currently fired, racist and lets face it one drink from an alcoholic John Galliano was even given the time of day for rumours of a Topshop collaboration to surface. I heard the rumour a few days ago and was relieved to hear that Phillip Green had personally contacted Vogue UK to set straight that although Galliano had made a good design play by designing Kate Moss' wedding dress, not discussions were held about his come back in fashion being for Topshop.
And why should it be? I understand that Galliano is a credit to the fashion world. Being the designer for Dior for many years and creating lovely pieces,his foot print in fashion will always be around. But as soon as anybody takes for granted their fame and fortune by being offensive and racist surely they loose the right to any more respect, no matter how good their work?
Why not keep and calm and collected persona, or keep of the radar all to…

Ellen Von Unwerth


Too long of a list....

I'm pretty sure every girl or guy that loves fashion waits for their 21st birthday to get their dream designer present (unless theyre rich enough to buy them beforehand but lets scoot over that) So in four months time it is my 21st. YES. But I cannot for the life of me decide what I want! I know now its too early and whatever I decide I want now will be completely different by November. However with an un disclosed budget and me not wanting to be too wishful I have 2 lists.

1. The "I would love but in my dreams" list :
Chloe (of course) 

DVF coat

Kara Ross Jason Wu blouse
2. The "PLEASE because it costs less than £1000" list:
The one and only Burberry trench
Michael Kors
OR lets face it a shopping spree in Topshop is lovely :)

Get shirty, T-Shirty

I tend to be a girly girl dressed in florals,dresses and floaty tops. However one of my favourite looks is a stand out Tee paired simply with skinny jeans or a killer skirt. So take a look at my top T-shirt picks :)

Zoe Karssen
Even fashions best can look fab in a simple tee!

And even royalty can rock a basic!

Male intuition

Majority of my blog posts focus on female fashion. But now I thought I would take a look (quite selfish I know) at some of the best dressed men in the celebrity world.

Brace yourself ladies.

For true "Cool" style Tinie Tempah tops my list. His urban style and effortless cool look makes him the ultimate style icon for any urban man!
From red carpet To slick in the studio.
For a slightly more edgy vibe I choose.....Ed Westwick, the fact that he is Chuck Bass does add to this choice but that is purely because I love him. His chic and simple black combos give him the look of true effortless style.
For red carpet style it was too hard to pick my favourite, so I decided to pick all of my favourites. GEORGE CLOONEY. Never has he taken a step wrong on the red carpet,he just gets better with age with his traditional black suits perfectly tailored, never too much but always the perfect amount. Voted sexiest man in the world, Ryan Reynolds chooses a modern take on the traditional suit. Tradin…