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Talk the talk or walk the walk?

The use of advertising is a big thing within the world of fashion. If anything it is most important for fashion designers and companies to advertise effectively to sell their work to the right market. So this got me thinking what is it that makes a good advert? Do people want weird and quirky? Straight to the point and bold? Words? Music? What is it that people like to watch?
It is both print ad campaigns and TV advertising that helps to promote a brand. So I have come up with a few of my favourites, see if you agree?

The Kooples have one of my favourite print ads, the use couples with obvious style and obvious flare but capture the adverts in a way that are hard to ignore. An advert that completely reflects the type of brand that The Kooples is. They have also just introduced Pete Doherty  into their new campaign, risky but I love it!

The Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacob campaign was also one of my favourite campaigns. The way in which he used Victoria Beckham in quite a light hearted wa…

Big red love

Christian Louboutin is celebrating his 20th anniversary of the creation of his beautiful shoes. As a celebration he has decided to re-release some of his favorite designs, he is releasing 20 styles of shoes and 6 bags all inspired by these favorites. He is then launching his very own poop up shop in Selfridges in London. With the success of his own brand and the known popularity of pop-up shops it is obvious that Louboutin are going to have many more anniversary's to celebrate.
Alongside these treats, he is also producing a collection of sketch previews that shows the eagerly waiting customers what they can expect to be buying at the end of February!
# xoxo

“I don’t follow fashion and I don’t follow trends, I just follow my instincts"

Could Victoria Beckham be one of the luckiest women in the world? Look at her husband, her career, her house, her children, her clothing line...her! She has managed to go from Posh spice (or 'the one who couldn't actually sing')  to a super high flying business woman with a husband to die for!
She is also gracing the cover of this issue of I-D magazine, the Whatever the weather issue.  After having 4 children Mrs Becks still rocks a skimpy corset and killer heels in her feature making every other woman jealous.
My favorite part of her feature?  “I don’t follow fashion and I don’t follow trends, I just follow my instincts" The line that has allowed her to create a beautiful clothing line and to have the title as one of the most stylish women on the planet. She has also admitted that as she has been photographed from so many angles in so many outfits she now knows what to wear and how to wear it to flatter her figure.


No smoke without fire

My flat mate has arrived with the new copy of Glamour today. I have been sat flicking through it and saw the most beautiful version of smokey eyes that I have seen for a very long time. When smokey eyes first became popular everybody wore it in the same way. Now though things are changing.

Looking at the world of celebrity, everybody is doing it!
J-lo rocks the dark eyes creating her signature look. Leighton Meester uses brown instead of black to  create her smokey eyes.
So the trend never dies and the stars keep soaking up the smoke! xoxo

Elie Saab - Making the catwalk beautiful

Elie Saab is becoming more and more worshiped in the world of fashion every day. This was completely understandable when I saw his Spring 2012 couture show. OH MY GOD! This is one collection that made my jaw drop and my stomach churn with jealousy! I've picked some of my favorites for you to see yourselves.
It is couture like this that makes fashion what it is. Beautiful silhouettes, gorgeous materials, delicate embellishments and AMAZING creations.  I cannot wait to see these gracing the red carpet.
And one more thing...
The show stopper!
No words can describe my love for this dress.