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Dressing well is a form of good manners

I'm going to go against the grain of all other bloggers today and in the middle of LFW I am going to take a look at some of the hottest menswear around at the minute.

As Mr Porter has just celebrated its 5th Birthday (and not ignoring the fact that it is one of my favourite places to indulge in the clothes I love but obviously don't wear) my favourite picks are going to come courtesy of Mr P.

Ami is one of my all time favourite menswear brands. Taking note of trends but creating clothing that is sophisticated and subtly stylish, Ami's new season is rocketing.

Classic Stripes Everyone loves a go to stripe and I think its fair to say every woman loves man that can confidently pull off a simple stripe, jeans and a good pair of shoes.
The go to Denim Girls and guys love a denim shirt. A well fitting, classic washed western shirt is just what you need.
Contemporary essential. When the weather changes and its time to tuck away your wool pea-coat, a lightweight bomber is the perfect…

10 signs that you are turning into Patsy Stone

1. You've stopped sugar coating how you talk to people you don't really like. 
2. You find it harder to lose weight so you've started taking drastic measures.
3. It only takes you one drink to feel fabulous.
4. And 4 drinks to make you too far gone to return.
5. You love your friends but sometimes you're too hungover to offer the best advice...
6. If someone gets something new and fancy BEFORE you, you throw a major bitch fit.
7. Your tolerance for other people is starting to dwindle at a rapid pace.
8. When you go to work and someone asks for help more than once you get a little offended...
9. Your resting bitch face causes people to avoid making eye contact with you.
10. And spend an entire week preparing yourself for one night out because you KNOW you cant bounce back from the hangovers like you use to.

Spring has Sprung


Seven Days and One Hundred and Sixty Eight Hours.

My week on Instagram has been a clear case of me suffering with my usual winter blues. I'm not going to go into the morbid details because I'm sure everybody knows someone who does NOT cope in winter. We are the Olafs of the world, we are made for light mornings and sunsets at 10pm not rainy walks to work and pitch black skies at 3 in the afternoon.
So from the middle of last week onwards I took it upon myself to....well make myself feel better. A lot of my friends have boyfriends now so they are fine and dandy hibernating or hanging with them when the weather is woeful, then the rest of my friends are similar to me..we work all day and honestly kind of just want to chill out by the time we get home.
But my week of ME was my aim to make myself feel a little more human.
Day One : The Binge and Preparation stage - Aim to collect everything needed for the following few days. There is probably no need to explain this image and yes that is one giant BAR of Reeses peanut butter…

"Roses are red, violets are blue, I find shopping more attractive than you."

Halloween ran into Christmas, Christmas ran into New Year, New Year runs into...well a miserable January. When we just think all of these hyped celebrations have passed we walk through town one morning to see EVERY SINGLE SHOP adorned with hearts, flowers, gift ideas for him and her and see through underwear (sorry but it's true)
So being a singleton in the run up to this day that I think is meant to show case how much you love your other half I get to use the excuse that I am going out with myself and therefore I should buy myself a gift and also receive a gift off myself. Two separate gifts that is. Hey if you have to sit through three weeks of it being rubbed in your face that you aren't going to be getting wooed you deserve a couple of presents to ease the pain.
Que my true loves.
Well my true loves of SS16.
Dahlia is one of my all time favourite websites. Based in London it epitomises how I am from the inside out in collections of beautifully girly clothes. After unwrapp…