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Jeepers Peepers

The sun is finally out! *Cheers* I will apologise in advance in case this post decides to jinx the weather and we all wake up tomorrow in the midst of a hurricane. But whilst it is sunny we can spend our precious and fashionable time sunglasses shopping!

I never really take notice of the sunglasses people wear (probably because we rarely get a chance to wear them) but when I was browsing ASOS the other day I noticed the hundreds of different styles that are out there!

I'm personally a fan of the WAG glasses. As much as I hate to say it, if my sunglasses don't cover majority of my face, they are not ok. Wishing I had money to buy a pair of House of Holland sunnies is also proving to be a bit of a downer at the moment, of course I love them.

So I have decided to scout some of the best peeper protectors out there for this sunny weather.

House of Holland never fails to let me down. These are to die for!!!!

Topshop also seem to try and make a statement with their sunglasses, although I …

Our new Bible

Alexa Chung is creating a book. I say creating as she has said herself that she is extremely visual and finds the ins and outs of writing a book a little difficult. However O-M-G how amazing is it that we will be able to read a book by our very own style queen Miss Chung?

Throughout her stunning style history, every woman in fashion has (At some point) fallen to the floor in awe at her geek chic style.  Even though this news was released last year it has only just come to light that Alexa didn't really have any idea what she wanted the book to focus on. Now she has decided that she wants the book to focus on her photographs, drawings and writing, not in an autobiography but in a way that allows us girls who worship her to get an idea of what goes on in her stylish head. 

Of course it sounds like it will take time for Chung to gather her ideas together but the book is due to be released later this year *Cheeeers*

And yes I am going to post some of my best Alexa looks just to add the c…