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New Year is upon us

Firstly I'M BACK! The blogging front has been a little quiet lately due to jobs and moving flats! Post uni life takes a little time to wrap your head around!
Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone had a lovely few days. BOOO to being back at work hey? Welcome back to the world of retail, angry shoppers central today! Don't get me wrong I love shopping more than anything but give it a break people!
So I hope everybody got what they wanted for Christmas?!
I was super lucky and got stocked up on Vivienne Westwood again, a beautiful ring and a surprise present of a new bag! <3 Me and Viv are well and truly loved up!
So New Year is the next big thing now and I thought I would put together some of my favourite looks I have come across in the past few weeks that would be perfect for an ice cold night out! I have to admit I'm not really one for New Year but I am one for pretty clothes!

French Connection

The Whitepepper

So get your party wear on ladies a…