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A fashion feeling

Sorry I've been a bit quiet on the post front lately, I've been drowning in uni work! I say that sat surrounded by fashion history books but we can look over that! SO I have spent the last 3 days stalking Asos and Warehouse waiting to fall in love with something enough to buy. Then i realised, what is it exactly that's stopping me from buying everything I like? I mean yes, I am a poor student but in my mind if a girl can spend her invisible money at the age of 21 and not really worry about it... why the hell shouldn't she! Also throw in the argument I continuously use to my parents of "I'm a fashion student I have to look right" and I have a magical combination! Yesterday after hours and hours my mum came up to me and simply said "Unless you really really love it, don't buy it" - Wise words. So of course I took my mums advice and have ended up today simply buying a new pair of flats...bit of an anti-climax I know but I do love them! So this led …

Ab Fab


Packing a print

Every year, with every Spring/ Summer collection pastels seem to take center stage. But this season some new favorites have been included whilst gracing the catwalks. Prints. Prints are a firm favorite of mine, not just the basic stripes or spots but scarf prints, and vintage (almost over done) prints. 
Mary Katrantzou has taken the fashion world by storm with her new collection for Topshop and I have to admit, I LOVE IT! Her use of crazy prints on structured clothing, dresses and shirts that scream with prints and colour are perfect for anybody's spring wardrobe! Although you may think you need some serious guts to wear such outrageous prints I think that anybody packing a print is going to be a hit this season! And looking at these designs, there's definitely something about Mary. xoxo