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What a girl wants, what a girl NEEDS

As a serial shopper I find holding onto my money about as easy as finding Tom Hardy reading a bedtime story cute and not incredibly sexy. So when I came to clear out my wardrobe for its seasonal transition, I realised that I have a habit for jumping in and buying the first whacky piece I can.....a whacky piece that I can only wear once in a blue moon (because I don't like wearing the same thing twice in a week)  Now however, the light bulb has pinged and I have found 5 items that I believe every girl needs in their wardrobe to keep their outfits looking not only nice but a little bit different every time.
1. A plain white t-shirt

This is one of the best basics I have ever owned thanks to good old ASOS. This is perfect for teaming with boyfriends jeans and trainers (for Sundays only) wearing under pinafores or denim dresses or teaming with another good old classic leather skirt and a sassy red lip (as I did this week) I'm prone to a leather skirt, owning silver and candy floss…