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It's Chanel Number 5 and nothing else

So I hit a bit of a bump in the road lately where I felt like my love for writing and blogging took a turn into me using my blog as a place to vent...which lets face it nobody wants to read. So I am back with a positive outlook and making a positive change with everything.
Right now my focus is on where I live. If you're a renter (which most of us are nowadays) you'll know how hard it is to make a place feel like home when you have no control over the colours of the walls or the type of kitchen and furniture you get. Me being me I like to have my slightly odd stamp on places and with my flat now it's no different.
I love the basic foundations to my flat, the colour scheme (mainly dark grey and white) is just what I like and pretty much everything about it is spot on. All be it I only had one wardrobe which was not ok. BUT I have started getting a few home bits together to make the flat feel like mine.
I've always sort of lived year to year and expected to moved after …