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Suit you Sir

Hello, so this post has been an idea in my mind for about 4 weeks now. It has mainly stemmed from the X factor being back on TV and how I am constantly drooling over Caroline Flacks wardrobe. However another famous face has also caught my eye with their dapper style, king of the judges. Gary Barlow has been showing off some stunning suits over the last few weeks. Obviously being sat in a row with Louis and his turtle necks (WHAT ARE THEY ABOUT) is going to make a homeless man look a million bucks but Gazza really is rocking the suit. 
Rocking a nice contrasting collar and classic white shirt, Barlow is looking more than handsome in his get up here. Take note of the VERY shiny shoes too!(D&G) Here in his classic black tux Barlow looks his usual dapper self. He is also always impeccable when it comes to his grooming. His "scruffy" but impressively neat beard never fails to impress.  Suit by DSquard2 Shirt by Smyth and Gibson Tie by Dolce and Gabbana Shoes by Gucci
It is Gary…

Where to find Caroline Flacks best looks!

Now my last Caroline Flack post went down a storm and it's been a while since I did one. And as our love for her grows, so does her style! I mean COME ON not only does she have possibly the best job in the world mingling with the celebs, alongside the nicest hair and wardrobe ever...she is also actually nice!
So as the X-Factor has recently hit our screens again (Team James Arthur all the way!) I thought it would be a perfect time to do another post on where you can get your mitts on Flack's lovely clothes!
This look from one of the first rounds of auditions shows off Carolines signature long legs! She teams her FCUK denim shorts, AlDO shoes, Whistles blouse and Topshop belt in this stunning combo! Because this was a while ago and her style is so popular, these have sold out but fear not I have some replacements waiting for you! Check out Missguided who are renound for being one of Flacks places to shop!
Shorts -
Blouse -
The WOW outfit…

Blown cover shoot - behind the scenes

So as you may already know this year in uni I am embarking on a group project and creating the new Platfform magazine. We have been lucky enough to have Ric Bower as one of our lecturers. Ric is founder and editor of the welsh fashion magazine Blown. As Wales is not exactly well known for it's fashion scene, Ric had worked wanders on getting up and coming talents published in his magazine. 
Yesterday myself and two other course members were lucky enough to tag along with Ric to the shoot for the cover of his next issue! It was shot at Tactile Bosch studios, which is an amazing setting for edgy and stylish shoots (unfortunately it's closing down soon) but as soon as we walked in we knew that the shoot was going to look amazing!

Even though the building wasn't exactly in great condition, the space and light and the structure created by the beams was amazing.

We then got to watch as Ric and his team started to set up and prepare for the shoot. We had never realised just how orga…

Winter MUST haves!!

Last night was a terrible night. It was the first night I have had to sleep with two duvets and my radiator on. Which means only one thing. Winter is rearing it's sparkly and snowy head. But do not panic my fashion friends because for us this means only one thing..... NEW CLOTHES! 
We need boots, coats, hats, scarfs, gloves, ear muffs, jumpers, blouses (layering of course), jeans, tights...the list is endless. So I thought I would give you a few pointers as to where to head for your treats! 

As you all probably know, grunge glam is a major trend this season and what better way to reflect this rend that with a touch of camo?! And of course studs. In my opinion there should be studs on everything! But this little stunner is a bargain at £53.99 from (you do also get 15% off for liking them on Facebook and free delivery on orders over £45) 
This is a personal favorite of mine, taking a slight spin on the leather sleeved jacket. Lining the jacket with sheep skin makes it so …

I love Fake

"When you are young you are immortal and invulnerable. Well, okay, that’s not actually true, but that is exactly how you feel. Every day you wake up, mind clear and body fit and able, ready to face the new day with a smile and a greeting of ‘what did we get up to last night!?’. 
The whole world is an adventure – you may well have a job that only just makes ends meet, but that doesn’t matter. You’re out on your own, exploring everything freed from obligations and preconceptions, ready to do what you want when you want. This is the spirit that can be found in the pages of I Love Fake, and it’s quite simply one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Nothing fazes the young, they have a whole life still ahead of them to live, and they’re going to have fun doing so. 
One day you wake up, back a little sore, head a little achy, and you start to realise that you’re getting old. Before long middle-age hits you like a brick to the back of the head. Get out there whilst you’re still yo…

The past few days in pictures

So the last few days has been weird and good so I thought I would use the lovely art of pictures to show you why! (P.s check out my new blog design)
First off I got my first tattoo, this is my nans signature in her handwriting, it didn't actually hurt which I was quite surprised about because I am normally a baby! I have spent a lot of time staring at pictures of my lovely friend trying to whittle down a few for my submission. It is VERY hard when she looks perfect in all of them! Smokey eyes made another appearance on a night out! (Dress is from topshop although you can't really see it!) I finally discovered the most beautiful magazine in the world. Oh Comely.
And I didn't get Robbie Williams tickets :(
On top of this I realised my age - I got excited of flowery tissues, I have already drank around 30 cups of tea, I offered to work instead of shopping and I've been in bed before half 10 pretty much every night.  *what a rebel*
How have your past few days shaped up? xoxo

Savannah Miller stye.

So as we all know (unless you live under a fashion free rock) the Miller sisters (Sienna and Savannah) are possibly two of the most naturally and effortlessly stylish siblings that are inspiring us all today. They have previously had amazing success with their joint clothing line Twenty8Twelve but have unfortunately given up on creating new designs for the brand as Sienna is looking after her cute little baby!
So what does this mean for Savannah? Being possibly the less famous of the duo it was always going to be hard for Savannah to keep going without the spotlight of her sisters fame shining on her. BUT oh no ladies we judged too soon, instead of crawling away and letting her light shine out, Savannah is designing her own independent range and blinding us with beauty instead!!! *Yaaay*

Being the more androgynous and in my eyes the more daring of the two sisters, it is Savannah who will whole heartedly throw herself into creating some amazing pieces. Although Sienna hasn't got her …

My Flash trash....more flash than trash!

So I have recently been contacted by the lovely Hannah who is a PR from the jewellery website myflashtrash, for those of you who are into your new and stunning accessories you will probably be aware of MFT and you will definitely be aware of it if you follow Amber Artherton on twitter as she is a true fan!
But as I was saying the lovely Hannah emaied me to feature a post on the websites lovely pieces and  of course I was MORE than happy to do that for her and the brand! Myflashtrash is simply crying out the the fashion loving girls and guys of today (I say guys also because you never know) The jewelery sold is almost always featured in one of the most popular high street fashion magazines whether it be Glamour, Grazia or even Vogue, celebrities are LOVING the style of jewelery and you will also find a number of well known designers collaborating with collections for the website.
Although the jewlwery is slightly out of my price range (me being a poor student) I will soon be releasing a …