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Glasto Glam off

I have to say I nearly called this post "Glasto Glamo" but I shook my head at myself as I wrote it. I may be a little distracted as I write this as Matilda has just started on TV and after a killer gym session I'm not sure if my legs are still attached to my body.

Anyway enough about that, this weekend has seen the countries most loved festival take over. Rolling Stones were the ones to watch as they headlined the festival last night. I must admit not being a Stones fan...they were AMAZING. Personally one band stole the entire gig for me though, Arctic Monkeys. I mean HOW? Alex Turner has turned into one hell of a good looking chap and the mixture of old and new tracks they played were insane.

But as always it was the fashion that caught my eye and being a true Flack fan, my instagram was filled with snaps of Caroline Flack look festival fab. Millie Mackintosh was another style hit on top of many others.

Miss Flack

Wearing her must have Hunter wellies and cut off shorts, …

In great Company

Every girl who loves fashion, style, music and nail art loves Company magazine. It's a given that the new revamp that the magazine had a couple of years ago introduced a gem of a mag for girls of any age. I personally (being 22) think the magazine is perfect for Fashion students and girls of a similar age as it is a relaxed and fun view of the industry that makes you realise that working in fashion is possible.

Not only that, the Company team are one of the nicest group of women that work in fashion. Editor Victoria White helps to organise the fashion and blogging forums ran by the magazine. I attended the first fashion forum and (although I was still panicked at the thought of getting a job in journalism and realising how difficult it may be) the group of iconic women who took to the stage were amazing.

Victoria White (by the way I have major fashion envy with her) not only hosted the event but she actually took the time to mix with the people who read the magazine, answering que…

Flack is Back!

*Cheers* The time of year has come that Miss Flack is back on our TV screens, twitter and instagram as she snaps pics of her and her extremely cute new co host of the Xtra Factor. As heart breaking as it was to hear the Olly Murs had left (although he is on tour with Robbie Williams which is even better) I am more excited to see the outfits, hair and make-up Caroline Flack embodies on the show!

Our style queen is back!

Flack has already been Instagraming pictures of AMAZING outfits and has already had her fair share of press (most of it lies...) but I'm sure I am not the only one who is more than excited to have her back!

Famous for her top button, her denim shirt, pinafores and playsuits - Flack is by far one of the most stylish TV presenters around!

Abs like Slabs? Or wine and kebabs?

So summer is (sort of) upon us, by that I mean we have had four whole days of sunshine and for once I have a natural tan! Everybody loves the hot weather but as soon as  summer begins the complete panic of holidays, bikinis and beating the bulge over whelm us all.
Now don't get me wrong, the thought of wearing a bikini makes me feel a little queasy and yes I did cry in Topshop changing room the other day about being a 12 in shorts (I could challenge Beyonce with my booty) but there is one thing I hate more than this stress. It's the people who plaster their diets and fitness all over social media and magazines. From everyday people to celebrities, it is impossible to feel nice and normal during this time of year.
Yes people say "Guys dont like stick thin girls" and "I would rather have curves" but really? Why do so many people worry so much if being healthy is the best way to go? 
The most recent focus has been Towie star Lucy. She was one of the stars of t…