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New Year

Now I know that everybody makes new years resolutions (and very rarely sticks to them) but this year I think times will change. For me this year has been my first really different year, I've obviously had major changes in my life over the last 3 years but since I moved to Cardiff I think it's safe to say things are falling into place!

If I could ever tell people one thing it would be that you have to try things to know if you like them or not. Put it this way, the 19 year old me who toddled off to Manchester thinking I was going to love it and fall straight into a high flying fashion job was SO wrong. As a whole I love Manchester and feel like I could live there easily now, but three years ago it was a different story. I cried literally every minute of everyday and only realised how bad I was when I heard someone saying"Lucy? Is that the blonde one that cries all the time?" Now you don't want to be that girl do you?

On the plus side I did make some good friends i…

Stocking fillers

Taking into account the financial state of most people this time of year (or me all year) I thought I would give you lovely readers some ideas for some cute little stocking fillers. If you are struggling to top off the pile or if you get stuck doing a secret santa and don't know what to buy, take a look at these!
I love Fedoras and I am SO dissapointed that my hair is so short that I look like Charlie Chaplin when I wear one. This one is such a nice colour from Missguided - Find it here This is the cutest little mug ever!! for £10 from Topshop!
French connection have started doing all sorts of lovely home ware and beauty products. This colour palette has all of the colours you could think of!
This clutch from Lavish Alice is stunning. I love anything with studs!

Urban Outfitters have out done themselves once again by selling this cute little floral hairdryer. I would LOVE this!
Wah nails have taken over the world of nail art recently. This …

I like to ride my bicycle

This is going to be the least wordy post I have ever done but can I just say OH MY GOD how cute is this Dolce bike?! This would even make me do exercise and that is saying something!

Topshop Christmas Wishlist

IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAS! I am in love with all things Topshop and I have complied yet ANOTHER wish list. They just keep giving and giving, good old Topshop! Topshop wish list
with Topshop, Topshop - Henry Holland xoxo

Blog Sale

Ok so Christmas is slowly creeping up and I have done zero shopping because I am SO poor, so the time has come for me to part ways with some of my beloved clothes. *Boo* I take too long to choose too many things so I'm going to start by putting just a few things up.
If anybody is interested in anything I post just leave a comment on the post or email me! I can only take payment through paypal just because it's a lot easier than any other way!

This dress is from the Apricot collection in Debenhams. I think I have put it on one and not actually worn it.It's perfect for Christmas with all the sparkles! You would have to wear tights with it because it is quite short but it is in really good condition! It's a size M/L so around a 10-12 I would say just because it is quite tight fitting! £25
(Sorry about the excessive striped on this) This is such a cute shirt from New Look. again I think i've worn it once at the most. I love this but I just don't have anything to wear i…

Christmas must have - Benefit Bad Gal


Next festive competition

So is running a competition for us bloggers to create a Christmas window for Next. All you have to do is simply design your window using next products and submit your entry in a comment on the blog.
I have done my own entry (I will admit it is hard to create the window and make it look realistic so make sure you explain your concept)

My window focuses on a pale colour scheme. It is extremely feminine and not obviously Christmas themed in the way that there is no red or gold to be seen! I chose to use the two glitter Christmas trees as features as they are adorable! I would actually have the fairy lights on the left wrapped through the branches of the trees for a more whimsical feel.
I have then chosen two party dresses. Seeing as party season is all about the sparkle I chose to pale pink numbers both embellished beautifully with sequin. They are both quite loose fitting and therefore PERFECT for when you've eaten a bit too much at the works x…

Chase me Charlie

Hello, I thought I would post up a few pictures from a shoot I did for my uni project a few weeks ago, just to give everyone an insight into what I've been doing in uni 12 hours a day!
Urban Outfitters were nice enough to lend us some clothes and also let us shoot in the store which was really cool!
This shoot wasn't actually meant to be themed but we couldn't help but notice that there was a Charlie Chaplin-esque feel about it!

I wont ruin my project by putting more up, this is just a sneaky taste of the un-edited versions!