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Brunettes have more fun

I always think it's funny how the colour of your hair can have such a big impact on how a person looks. Women in particular assume that men prefer blonde hair. I think it's just an old assumption. I also think its quite a worrying sign that girls may sometimes change their hair for men. I have been guilty of this when I was younger and look back now and give my 17 year old self a good slap.
In the past year I have been undergoing the most drastic hair change. When I was 17 I had my hair cut into a pixie cut....and I mean the most pixie of pixie cuts. Most people I knew were a little bit in shock the initial comments were "Aren't you worried you'll look like a boy?" "But how will you tie it up?" or "Oh my god I could never do that"
Well I never did it with the intention of other people doing it with me. It was bleach blonde and really short...really short.
Over time the trend kind of picked up and more and more people had short hair. So I …