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Oh to be L.C

I am a die hard "The Hills" fan. Ever since Lauren Conrad graced the screens in Laguna Beach with her over dyed highlights and tank top and jean combos I have been hooked. Watching the transformation from high school fashion lover (not quite doing it right) to complete and utter style queen living the dream! my dream!

She is a New York times best seller and has her own clothing line! She has worked with Kelly Kutrone and is a thriving fashion guru.

Her simple yet stylish look is perfect for easy to follow trends. No wander her Style book was also a best seller. It is a bible to any aspiring fashionista! 
Oh to be L.C!

Peggy Sirota

Peggy Sirota has made a name for herself by snapping portraits of celebrities in GQ and Elle. Her work is original but quirky and I love the photographs she produces!

(Can I just say PHWOAR)

For pretty simple sets, she creates some really interesting pictures!

The colours

I came across this photograph of Kirsten Dunst taken at Cannes. I LOVE the colours and composition of this picture! She is a true Hollywood beauty. xoxo

A black and white affair

Now I am one of those people who hasn't got a "colour" or a "style" that I always go for. Anything I buy has to be different from other things I own because I never want to look like im wearing the same thing twice (sad but true) This posed a difficult problem when it came to be having a job where I needed to wear black and white.
I know what you're thinking, "Black and white is easy to find" But NO. Not wanting to look like everybody else in black and white meant a 2 days long hunt for black and white clothes. 
After hours and hours I eventually found some!
So I am going to reveal my gems :)
Topshop tapered trousers
Topshop white racer back vest
Topshop floral t-shirt
Urban outfitters
It may not be many but with a bit of mix and matching and a few of Topshops finest basics you will never have to wear the same thing twice!

Inside the wardrobe

Seeing as I feel free to comment on everybody else and their fashion. I thought it was only fair to give a sneak peak into my wardrobe (and clothes rail). I have two sets of draws, one double wardrobe, a clothes rail, half of my mums wardrobe and 2 shoes boxes. As well as a suitcase filled with clothes, scarves, hats and bags under my bed. I still have nothing to wear.

Ok so this is my Topshop rail. (Im not joking) It is filled with either my favourite or my Topshop mainly Topshop. I have my favourite Kate Moss dress (far right) also worn by Alexa Chung! From the left are my 3 new summer purchases of my coral shorts, yellow chiffon shorts and white flowered linen skirt. My other favourite buy is my denim tie shirt. (All Topshop) 
Some of my other favourites include my camel polka dot Asos dress and my tapered leg black topshop trousers, these I wear for work, going out or shopping, perfect value!
And every girl needs her loafers and Topshop gladiators :)

Inside my wardrobe i…

A loyalty to fashion

A while ago I posted a bit of a rant about facebook. I am now sat here having flicked through facebook and seen people talking to people they use to hate, people talking behind backs and people generally not being very nice. SO this made me think, what is it that people are eventually ever going to be loyal about? I think I know.


When you think about all of the style icons in the world today, they are constant examples of true style. They never suddenly step out in a pair of sweatpants and a primark hoody.

Prove it I hear you say?

Look back at Kate Moss. From her very first shoots she was famous for her James Brien styled hair, her quirky features and her rock and roll attitude to life and fashion. She always rocks her skinny jeans and tanks and can easily mix it up with her own beautiful topshop creations. Never ever is Moss seen 'slobbing' around. A true loyalty to fashion is to keep fashion on you at all times.

Now not comparing myself to any style icon whatsoeve…

Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen. A true legend lost.

A fashionable affair

I am sat here, glass of wine wrapped up with my puppy in my chunky aran cardigan. (Yes im 20 and its a Saturday night but I've had a good few weekends out) anyway...I was thinking what influences people with their fashion? I mean I have people that I look up to for fashion ideas, famous people influence me yet I wander how well I can really reflect these trends. I mean I am no Sienna Miller or Alexa Chung (as much as I wish I was) and do I really want to immitate them in a bad way? I would rather worship what they wear how they wear it.

Well I went shopping today and had an over whelming sense of pride when I saw that in Topshops window display was an outfit I had purchased last week. The outfit was not put together in the shop and I LOVED the fact that I had proof that I had made a good choice.

But when it comes to a basic budget can our affair with fashion be as great and grand as those with big budgets to blow?

I sit here waiting for 6 months and 6 days until my 21st birthday g…

Clemence Poesy

Clemence Poesy has officially topped my best dressed list and I am going to let my  favourite outfits she has worn explain why!
Being a Chloe model she can happily wear anything as pretty as this any time she likes.  JEALOUS. Being a model and a pretty parisian it is easy for Clemence to pull of  the masculine look. THE COLOUR! Even though this is a little "Ga-Ga" this looks  more Serena Vanderwoodsen!
I am jealous.