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Winter Wonderland

Now the first few weeks of the beginning of term are over I now have a few minutes to actually breathe (and not be hungover) to write a post! A couple of weeks ago there was a heat wave down here in Cardiff....really there was. The panic of "Oh no I didnt think I was going to need a maxi dress in September" and it therefore being hundreds of miles away at home well and truly hit.
Now though its a different story! Not only has the heat gone the cold has attacked! Im not going to lie I am a fan of winter clothes, the more covered up I can be the better! But Im bored of making my winter wardrobe everything I already own just teamed with tights!
I don't really want to give you an insight into what I've brought for winter as my fashion in context lecturer described bloggers that do that as "vile" so ill skip over that bit but whats a girl to do when she cant afford a new winter wardrobe?


Zara make a move!

Now I loved Zara even more when they decided to open an online store. However knowing that all of Zaras clothes are manufactured and sold within Europe I was slightly dissapointed in the lack of money and effort that had been put into their website. For a store that offers quite a unique high street style I was expecting Zara to have a quirky and up to date web page.


Just as I virtually stroll onto their new Autumn/Winter web page they have finally produced something that I love and that will make me 100% focused on actually surfing their page. They have used COLOUR! Actual colour! Now colour and Zara dont tend to mix but this is Jak and Jil esque and will of course work!

Take a look and be amazed at the change!

Also whilst I'm on a Zara rant their knitwear and new stock is gorgeous!

Enjoy! xoxo