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Step forward next season

Ok so I'm back from a week in Spain (BOO!) and after spending a week in boiling heat and blaring sunshine, drinking cocktails and staring at beautiful Spanish men I have been greeted with rain, dull cloud and  the Olympics. Obviously it is an amazing achievement that London is hosting the games but I am as far from being interested in sport as anybody could possibly get.
So instead I have decided to brace myself for the invasion of next seasons Ad campaigns. Seeing as our summer has not bloomed and is set to be a wash out until September what else is there to do but put a positive spin on a bleak situation with a look at some of the best designers campaigns.

Burberry always produce some of my favorite campaigns, Christopher Bailey manages to put a young spin on the heritage brand using traditionally good looking models with the style being typically Burberry. This campaign will feature in all magazines and will defiantly boost Burberry love. With a country side chic style contrastin…

Beautiful people wear lace

Lace is a love/hate material in the fashion world. Personally I love lace everything! Using lace creates clothes that are extremely feminine, subtle and sophisticated whilst still maintaining style. Now summer is upon us (sort of) I think it is time that lace hits the shops and our wardrobe with force! 
Whitney Port has said herself that beautiful people wear lace, I agree.
So here are some of my favorite lace picks from some of our favorite high street stores.
Richard Nicoll for Topshop - This is beautiful, his wedding dress inspired collection is set to sell out fast! This lace back peplum top from Topshop captures two of this seasons top trends with the flattering cut and contrasting colours. I love this!
Asos have created this angelic lace and mesh dress, perfect for summer! These are my biggest and best bargain, £7.99 in the Zara sale for these stunning lemon yellow and white lace shorts. Festival chic eat your heart out!
Team any of these beautiful lace items with a pair of cut…

Once a style icon, always a style icon



So I love fashion as you may have guessed. In the world of fashion and fashion media there is one thing that I love about brands marketing their products. TV adverts. Not just any TV ads but perfume adverts in particular. There is something about the extreme and quite often weird ideas that come from the designers of these adverts.

From the raunchy Jean Paul Gautier ads to the playful and pretty Hugo Boss that's sees Sienna Miller playing around simply sat in a chair, all of them equally effective. Now however one has caught my eye, show casing to me one of the best models around.

Although she has been working within famous brands and has been featured in nearly all of the best fashion magazines, sixteen year old Daphne Groeneceld has amazed me with how cheeky, fun and flirty she is in the new Dior Addict advert. I first spotted her recently on the front of Self Service magazine with bright red lips, contrasting what we see in her new advert.

Discovered in Amsterdam over a year ago D…

ASOS - A summer of love

Now I've always been a huge ASOS fan! I think partly because they have clothes that not everybody will be wearing and partly because I love waiting for my clothes to arrive in the post because it feels like Christmas day! Being a student the fact that they also offer student discount AND free delivery makes them my true love in the world of online shopping!

This season in particular the ASOS sale has been amazing! I booked a holiday last minute and have 10 days to gather together a whole new holiday wardrobe. (When you haven't been on holiday for 4 years it is actually quite a shock when you see what you use to wear) I immediately hit the website and I was NOT disappointed.

£7!!! YES £7!!
£9!!! £8!! I could cry with happiness!
There is so much more but im being sneaky and saving them for myself! These three were just the beginning of my ASOS sale shopping. Granted the money I'm spending was supposed to be for food and general survival when I go back to uni but hey...I'…

Summer MUST haves...from clothes to cosmetics

So our so called 'summer' is upon us. Although it has been 99% bleak since the season kicked in there is always the annual holiday to look forward to and therefore some serious clothes shopping, diet tips and cosmetics to be purchased. So here is my personal break down of what I think every girl needs for their ultimate summer.
So being a student I am not the healthiest of people, so when my term finished I decided to hit the diet and exercise hard. There are three main things that have helped me lose weight in just over a week.

So Jillian Michaels has become my worst enemy and new best friend in the last two weeks. The 30 day shred aims to help you lose 20 pounds in 30 days. With three levels of exercise this dvd is torture but ever so effective. If you really want to notice a difference in your weight this is perfect! Especially good for any last minute holidays.

Green tea. FULL of anti oxidents Green tea is the perfect detox! I was averaging around 8 cups of coffee a …

Red lips sink ships

I had to post this because it is beautiful. xoxo