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Why 'Girls' is the most relatable thing for people trying to Adult.

Speaking from a personal perspective, I think that being a woman with next to NO self confidence or faith in myself it is always refreshing to see the feelings most people have *especially when trying to adult*
- Social Media
Everyone knows that social media is tough going It's the most lethal home comparison, idealistic lives and well bull shit really. The plus of Social Media is that people can openly lie and nobody has any idea. Someone can create a life that you would love to be living, when in reality its made up of good lighting and a set up that has taken 2 hours to create *Coffee cup must be facing the right way* Don't get me wrong I use social media a lot (Facebook not so much now, thats mainly puppy videos) but I filter my pictures, select pictures to post when I'm wearing an outfit I love or when I'm out and about having fun with my friends....I don't post pictures of myself sat in my leopard print pyjamas at 7pm watching Emmerdale with sudocrem all ove…