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The best of the Oscars

Kate Hudson - Versace

Penelope Cruz - Ralph Lauren
Gwyneth Paltrow - Zac Posen My favourite. Matthew McConaughey was my best dressed man.  He pulls off his simple tux perfectly

Happy Birthday?

Chloe this season have KILLED me.... I wander if my 21st birthday budget will be around £5,000?

The Model Agency

The Model Agency started last night. It follows Premier Model Management. The first episode was based on this you model India. It showed her as she was flown to New York for fashion week and how she struggled to decide whether she was meant to model or not. Personally I feel that she looks like she was born to model!

Style in the City

I love The City and The Hills and everything to do with Lauren Conrad or Whitney Port (as much as I blame them for my high expectations of my career in fashion) 
The only person I really cannot stand when watching these shows in Olivia Palermo. I think she is a prime example of a person who will do anything and tread on anybody to get where she wants to be and to be honest, she is not doing anywhere near as well as the other girls. 
Her taste in jewellery is remarkable! I know it sounds like an odd thing to notice but I have now spent my time watching the city completely ignoring what she is saying and looking at her hands to see her combination of rings or which combination of huge necklaces she manages to combine and the over size gems of beautiful handbags she carries. 
This outfit makes me want to cry, nice clothes always happen to horrible people!

I love here how she works proportions, using wide leg trousers and balancing them with her oversized necklace. Still managing to com…

Renault Clio What Is Va Va Voom TV ad 40 sec advert 2011


Asos, love you lots.

Asos is one of those online shops that needs word of mouth to get about. I remember my first dress I purchased of Asos, one dress it took for me to fall in love with this DIVINE online taste of quick shop heaven! I know it sounds odd but I also love the amount of people who say "I cant be bothered to sit and look on Asos" when you have that slight satisfaction that you are indeed, wearing something beautiful from Asos!
I have to admit I am not a fan of their new "Market place" it doesn't say Asos to me. The theme of the website is to be celebrity influenced and not vintage, It just does not float my fashion boat. 
Introducing the new Spring/Summer range. WOW.

The entire collection follows these beautiful marketing images. I love the pleating trend. It is the cutest trend to have hit catwalks and high street for a long time. Pleated skirts, dresses, tops anything. It is a stunning trend. 
They then followed this up by posting their amazing collage of muses tha…



How far does style go?

Okay so I've been hearing a lot lately about rumours of who will play Carrie Bradshaw in a SATC prequel. Now I personally love Blake Lively and she, being the forefront of the rumoured actresses would be able to pull the character off brilliantly! (Or so I think)....Once i started thinking about it though i realised that she and Sienna Miller who my my two favorite style icons have both been offered amazing roles.

Shockingly I was only given Factory Girl to watch recently and i was heart broken when i saw such an amazing film so long after it had been released. I have never seen an actress capture someone personality as well as Miller does in that film. She was amazing as Edie!

It led me onto the most stylish celebs get the best roles?
I mean Blake Lively has quite a gossip girl esq feel to her own style, quite similarly to Carrie Bradshaw. Sienna Miller has her own boho style, creating her own name and image with what she wear...very much like Edie Sedgwick did.