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Money vs Style

As I sit here next to my best friend searching Amazon for a cheap pot of OPI muppets collection I can't help but wonder if having more money makes it easier to be more stylish?  Think about it.....
Being a student means I am poor 99% of the time apart from my birthday or Christmas. Luckily for me it is my 21st birthday on Sunday and therefore had the luxury of having over 200 pounds to spend on of course clothes! Although I wanted my Mulberry Bayswater for my birthday I was EVEN more over joyed to unwrap my beautiful Michael Kors rose gold watch off my parents. (partly because it is extremely shiny) but mainly because this is the first truly expensive item I have really owned. The first thing I know I will keep for the rest of my life. 
So does money make you more stylish?
Look at celebrities, they are always the ones captured and photographed for the style pages of magazines, so why not photograph normal people? I know that people are not really interested in those "normal"…