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Pretty Prints

Every season there is a new trend, whether it's one that has been around for years and is making a come back or if it is men in skirts (that will never catch on Saunders..sorry) This season though our good favourite the print is back.

I'm not going to focus on prints over everything, most people wear printed shirts and tops all through the year, it is the printed trousers that are taking over this season.

Working in H&M I am fully aware of how many different types of print there can be, with the new conscious collection the amount of floral prints that have erupted couldn't be counted on ten hands let alone one but I must admit, jungle prints aside I am a fan of the print.

One of my good friends rocks the printed trousers and actually inspired me to buy my own pair.
So here are a few picks of some of the best printed bottoms I have found on the high street.

These are actually my personal pair of prints. It is literally the first time I have ever worn printed trousers (becau…

The Must Have Miller

I have always been a love of both of the Millers' sisters style. Both Sienna and Savannah have always has an effortlessly stylish look. The sign of true style being in the genes I think, but since Savannah embarked on designing her own collection for her brand "Savannah" I have fallen even more in love with their style. Savannah designs her collection which is sold on and each season gets better and better.
With this collection being based on the Cult film 'More' Savannah drew inspiration from the film that shows a German student breaking free from his conservative life to explore and live life to the fullest in Ibiza before it became the tourist hot spot it is today.
The collection holds onto the slightly bohemian look that Savannah is loved for whilst adding a slightly more rock and roll edge with some areas of heavier embellishment and addition of studs. I LOVE this collection so have a look at some of my most loved pieces. Get over to Nelly to che…

LA crystals

If you fancy a new take on jewelry then check out LA Crystals. Fashion Promotion student Lewis Albon has hand made his own collection of necklaces using swarovski crystals. No item is the same so if Topshop is a bit too main stream for you then take a look at  and pick up your one of a kind piece for £10!
Each necklace is secured with a silver chain and is encrusted with Swarovski crystals for that added bit of bling!
Check them out!

Rihanna for River Island

I must admit when I watched her LFW show I was far from impressed with Rihannas collection for River Island. I thought it was a little bit too "Rude Boy" for the high street BUT I will admit that now it has been released and I can view it through the eyes of the normal consumer, I actually quite like it.
Looking at the images of Rihanna wearing her designs, I did start to worry that maybe the looks would be purely for the more hipster people out there who can pull off the baggy jean and high top combo. However even Rihanna herself toned down her look when she was promoting her line in London. I applaud you Ri Ri!
Although it is not my personal style I can imagine walking past people on the street and thinking "Ooh I love that outfit" So below are some of my best picks from her swanky new collection for you to "Shine bright like a diamond" in (bad joke).

I love these, strike what I said before I would wear these!
This has Rihanna written all over it! I can ima…