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Downton Design

Downton Abbey has taken the both England and now America by storm, showing the lives of the wealthy Crawley family and their servants living in style in Downton Abbey. But it is not just the woes of having incredible amounts of money and mis-behaving family members that makes the show so popular, it is the amazing costumes, hair and make up that capture the attention of young women wishing they were Lady Mary!

So now Caroline McCall has decided to cover up the cast (women of that time were normally a little more liberal with their clothing that the look that is portrayed in this series) some of the prettiest and most adorable costumes have been seen gracing the screen.

This calls for a look back through the Donwton years to pick some of the best costume designs that help to make us just that little but more jealous of the ladies and their lavish lives.

Now although I feel like Lady Mary could really have used a splashing of fake tan (Damn people for not inventing it sooner) she is by …

Cats on the catwalk

Ok so when the 'FROW' of Fashion week are laughing or smiling when the models walk down the catwalk, you can't help but feel a little bit on edge...are they laughing at an inside joke like Harry and Sienna or are they laughing at the designs that a nervous creator has worked months on for this moment?

Well today (in fact about ten minutes ago) I sat down in front of  my laptop, not actually at Fashion week to watch the Fashion East show. The catwalk was filled with some of the prettiest models I have seen this week, with their faces painted like cats and dogs. With the opening looks show casing stunning white and cream designs with appliqué florals and cute jackets the show was possibly the most adorable show of the week.

The later designs in the show were highlighted with lace covered converse and bright pink combinations making outfits that Katy Perry would be proud of!

This show was the icing on the cake to the final day of Fashion week, a combination of stunning neutra…

You can't sit with us

So 4 days into fashion week and my god have there been some beautiful looks going down the catwalks! Although the one I have been waiting for is another 2 hours away (Burberry) I am finding myself glued to my laptop keeping track of what is going on. Being (what feels like) one of the only people I know not working fashion week, I quite enjoy watching the crowds of fashionistas flood in and take their seats. Also after reading Alexa Chung's advice on "Always have your legs crossed if you're sat front row" I can feel myself checking to see if everybody follows the same rule.

After the most powerful front row sitting side by side at the Topshop unique show, an overwhelming feeling of making sure nobody looked Phillip Green or Kate Moss in the eye was clear. That was until the picture that has flooded the tabloids today of Miss Moss howling laughing were released and reminded us that she is indeed a human. Or at least part human part fashion-bot.

Here goes for some of m…

As hot as the scotts

So today is worthy of a post as I have been over whelmed with the amount of people who have put their tights back on! Now I love summer and I am pretty sure I was meant to be a life guard (in Spain where they just seem to sunbathe all day) or even one of the hyper ladies that run around on the beach trying to sell pineapples? But I did give a little cheer today when I put my tights on. If you read my blog you know I am SO against body con, it is and always will be (in my opinion) the worst invention when it comes to fashion (after white linen trousers) so when the time comes to whip out the chunky knit jumpers and skinny jeans I LOVE it!
This season two of my all time favourite trends are hitting the high street and catwalks. Leather and Tartan. Now leather is never going to go out of fashion as every girl should own a classic black leather jacket. But the tartan trend is taking over, with a hint of back to school and teamed with a peter pan collar they create the perfect look!
So he…