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10 things not to say to a single twenty something...

Nowadays if you get over the age of 18 and you're don't have either an engagement ring, a baby or a coupled up Facebook relationship status you seem to be deemed as an undateable. Never do you hear someone congratulate a single girl for being able to stand on her own two feet and be a confident singleton. 
Me and my best friend are part of this single collective and daily we come across people who approach us with some of the worst things you can say to a single girl.
So take note.
1. "How can you be single?" Yes we may write blogs about it but we don't write lists of possible explanations.
2. "There must be something wrong with you though?" Seriously. We don't know.
3. "Maybe you're just too picky?" Or maybe,just maybe there isn't anyone that is quite up to scratch? 
4. "Urgh I wish I was single're so lucky" Dump him then. To any single girl, girls in relationships make it sound like having a boyfriend …

Golden Everything

Ok ladies and probably majority of gents. Brace yourselves because my oh my do I have a treat for us all. I feel it would be wrong not to write a post about this because I know both men and woman across the world oggle over David Beckham. Yes it may be in a different mixture of ways but hey....the guy is incredible.
What is also lovely about Mr Golden Balls is that he is still loyal to creating his lines for H&M. It is all too familiar nowadays to see a celebrity do one line for a store, get kind of bored and move on but Beckham has stuck at it and once again has come through adding a collection of essentials to his collection. We can now see him promoting crisp white shirts, tailored trousers and simple polos. 
I mean I don't have a boyfriend or a male in my life that I would buy Beckhams tighty whities for but I can quite happily stand in front of the posters in the store windows and youtube the advert can't I?
Well have a look and you tell me.

No need to thank me.

This is the year

As cliche as this is I feel like it's only right to create a New Years post. So what is it that 2015 can bring that makes it any different from any other year? Well...we don't know do we? But I can safely say that I am kind of glad to see the back of 2014. Don't get me wrong it was a good year, I graduated, I moved into a lovely flat with my best friend (eventually) for the first time in a long time my family were mostly healthy however it did also bring the shock of graduating and the stresses of full time adult life that I don't think any graduate no matter how old or young is ever quite ready for.
Me and my house mate are very similar, thankfully thats why we get on so well. We both have the same bad habit for moaning about everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Granted I am the queen of cynicism and she is a lot more laid back than me but we are pretty much the epitome of Minnie Moaners!
So 2015...what can we stop or start doing to make this year a breeze? 
1. Get off …