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Turning the Paige on new brands

As the seasons change we see a lot of new brands emerging whether it is independent companies launching on their own or our favourite retailers such as ASOS picking the freshest new designers to showcase. Autumn/Winter is by far my favourite season. I mean it is the season where you can get away with only shaving your ankles and fake tanning your arms and hands but the main reason is that I love layers!  Layers and jackets. The key things that make up a great Winter wardrobe. So as I was trawling through ASOS the other day I was more than happy to come across a new London based brand Willow and Paige. Not only do they have the combination of words in their brand description that make me swoon but they create some of the most beautiful and girl knitwear and pieces that perfectly capture a girl who wants to standout without feeling....well stupid really.

"WILLOW & PAIGE| Stay away from average and say hello to standout style with London-based brand Willow & Paige. Knitwear ob…