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Blake Lovely

Now I am a crazy obsessed Gossip Girl fan. I love everything about it, where they live, how they live and most importantly what they wear. The cast is filled with some of the most handsome and beautiful people in the world. In a previous post I chose to highlight my dream boat of a crush Mr Ed Westwick. Now I choose to focus on the ever evolving and ever more gorgeous Blake Lively.
Not only does Blake play Serina, the most idolised girl in Manhattan but she is quickly becoming the most idolised real life celebrity and fashion icon world wide! From beginning with her Chanel campaign and knocking any haters well and truly off their feet, Lively has continued to prove those critics wrong by becoming ever so Lovely! Blake was proud to wear some of the most original and on trend outfits to hit the Gossip Girl scene. With quite possibly the most enviable hairstyle since "The Rachel" Gossip Girl was the opening scene to the rest of Blakes amazing life.
When Blake became the face o…

The Westwick walk

Ed Westwick stole the show walking the catwalk for Phillip Plein in Italy. One of the best dressed men in the world the Gossip Girl star look top notch as he rocked his new facial hair. Fresh off the set Westwick owned the catwalk just as he owns playing bad boy Chuck! 

He even looked more than edible backstage at the Phillip Plein press conference before the show.
I  think every woman in the world has the same few words to say. "Thank you fashion world" for bringing Ed Westwick onto the catwalks. Keep an eye out for more of his fashionable appearances as I think Westwick is ready to take over fashion.

How to dress like Kate Middleton with very!

How To Dress Like Kate Middleton
There are more than a few things about Kate Middleton that we are allowed to be jealous of. First and foremost, she is married to a Prince. Secondly, she has transformed into one of the most recognizable and loved British style icons of this generation.
If you want to recreate Kate’s classic and elegant look, here are a few tips on creating a wardrobe worthy of snaring a prince, without the royal price tag.
Kate's Blue Dresses
Kate is a fan of garments in a deep, royal shade of blue, as it complements her dark locks and creamy skin beautifully. She wore a sapphire blue wrap dress during her engagement to Wills, and was spotted in a royal blue lace cocktail dress at an event in Quebec, Canada.
To recreate this look, opt for simple wrap-style dresses that reveal some skin while remaining ladylike. These form-fitting evening dresses in bold colours like royal blue or red make a statement while still remaining demure and respectable.
Royal Foot Forwa…

Completely Kardashian

Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian are currently three of the most successful sisters and business women to come from a reality tv show. Not only are they queens of celeb world, they are also riding high on the style charts. Three very different sisters that dress in three very different ways all know how to rock their looks. However I think that the momma sister Kourtney really owns the classic Kardashian image.

Kourtney is the only baby momma of the clan so far but she knows how to dress. I love her staple pieces of gorgeous blouses or dresses topped off perfectly with her collection of blazers and killer heels. She never sticks to one colour and is seen wearing anything from block colours to bold prints. Simple and chic accessorising is one of Kourtneys major musts when she wears any outfit.
Over sized sunglasses add to her glamorous look.
She never fails to accessorise perfectly!
Even down to her hair and make up.
Another often seen accessory with Kourtney is her bright lipstick. Now any…

To crop or not to crop?

Ok so I know that there are not many celebrity women who willingly have their hair cut short. Majority of the drastic hair cuts are down to roles or parts that they have to fill for their careers. Natalie Portman shaved her hair, Cameron Diaz....endless amounts of beautiful stars sacrifice their hair for their jobs.
However, there are a select few who choose to have their hair short. I had previously read an article where Michelle Williams had admitted to having her hair cut short because "Straight men hate women with short hair" This was as a memorial to her former partner Heath Ledger as he was (apparently) the only male she knew that loved women with short hair.
In my opinion (as a pixie cut wearer) short hair is a brave move, it took me at least a year and numerous pictures to finally make the move and have the mop chop. And now? I would never go back.
Sienna Miller, granted her main reason for cutting her boho locks was for her role as Edie Sedgwick in Factory girl. But Mi…

Chanel does bubblegum


Fashion pages

We all know how many fashion magazines there are nowadays. Each say the same thing but some say it in a way that can intimidate people, using models that we will never look like and style clothes we could never wear.
So here is my breakdown of the best and most reliable fashion sources, they help guide women through the high street and use the most admired celebrities to model the clothes. These are what makes fashion attainable and lovable.

Glamour Magazine -  Glamour offers pages of the best high street fashion advice. Alongside advice about everything else. The best thing? Their fashion and beauty pages show you how to re-create the most stunning catwalk styles with high street pieces. They often use people such as Frankie Sandford and Fearne Cotton as their style celebrities.

Asos Magazine Asos is the worlds most popular online fashion retailer. Not only do they do a paper copy of their magazine but it is also available to read online. They feature the most on trend items and hav…

Fashion illustrations

These are a few of my fashion illustrations,coloured with make up and edited on photoshop xoxo