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Flats forever

So its been reported in the news and via every for of social media over the last couple of days that women are being forced to wear high heels in certain jobs.
NOW let me start by saying two things:
1. Seriously?! - In a time where everyday life for most involves commuting, being on your feet all day or running around like a mad woman as well as (the nice people) in the world being completely proud of transgender or transsexual men and women, why is it OK to tell people what they can and cannot wear?
2. I hate heels. - So yes I am biased. But I also hate being told what to wear and I don't really act on negative comments that people make about my clothes. Why? Because as a grown woman I'm past the point of caring if strangers dont like my dress.

Anyway back to the point, I understand that certain workplaces require a certain look. Yes if you're a Solicitor or Lawyer or anything like that where professionalism is key you need to look smart. However since when does looking …

Get it girls

I'm currently sat in decent sunshine (as in I live in Cardiff and I'm sat outside with no jacket on) wandering how long our 'Ibiza' weather is actually going to last. I'm one of those typical people who loves summer clothes but hates wearing them. When I saw that it was actually meant to be hot this week the first thing I did was message my friend in a panic over completely NOT being ready to bare anything but my wrists.
Now though I am finally able to wear my Archive by Alexa dress with nothing over it. If you've seen the Elsie dress you'll understand that the sleeves kind of make it. So I can deal with that.
It's every womans fear when we have to get our legs out, when its slightly unbearable to have skinny jeans or any denier of tights on...we have to groom, tan, shave amounts of our legs that we haven't had to shave for a good few months. But its happening. God its happening.
So whilst sat with a coffee and listening to my new favourite band (C…

The things you know now that you wish you knew then

As we grow up there are so many crazy mile stones we hit and at pretty much every age we feel like we are finally a 'grown up' especially when you hit 18.  But my oh my there are a lot of things we all wish we had known during our youth that we know now, things that could have saved us a lot of embarrassment, heart ache and could possibly have changed our attitudes now.

1. Emo phases are never good A batman bow, two studded belts, odd converse, black eye shadow and back combed hair. It's understandable that people have their own looks but my god if I had known how I looked during my emo phase I would have slapped myself. I vividly remember the moment I was woken up from my emo dream when my Grandad asked me if I was going to a fancy dress party....I was going shopping.

2. If you're a bit curvy in your teens, you're going to be curvy in your 20's So don't waste your time with fad diets and stupid ideas. You can't make your bones smaller. I spent a solid 1…