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Style X 2!

The Olsen twins are one of the biggest double transformations in the world of celebrity. From two blonde toddlers on screen to two of the most stylish young women in America. They grace the front row at endless fashion shows and have battled anorexia to rehab and everything in between.

Mary Kate
With her slightly boyish taste in clothes, Mary-Kate manages to pull off some of the edgiest looks.
Ashley Olsen

Alongside the combination of Ashley Olsens more feminine style the two twins together make double the style! xoxo

Winter woolies

I don't know if anybody will actually agree with this but I hate how I have to dress in summer! If its sunny you never know if its hot enough for bare legs or if its too hot for skinnies! If you do go bare leg EVERYBODY else you see seems to be wrapped up like its the middle of winter. Unless it comes to my Topshop tea dresses and gladiator sandals, summer is just too over whelming in the style world. 
Once again the one person who can always pull off Summer wear is Olivia Palermo! Maxi skirts and dresses being the one thing you can always get away with!

So when the winter warmers start coming into stock on the high street, I LOVE it! Topshop this season have some amazing winter jumpers and coats! 

Now all we need is the snow (and some money) and it winter warmer time!  xoxo


The Blirt.

Oh the Blirt! I am so glad that this is one of Autumn Winters hottest trends! After the masculine tailored shirts of summer hit the catwalks and the chiffon feminine blouses did the same, the new season introduces a perfect combination of the two! Finally something that every woman of every single size can wear and look offically good in! With the length and the looseness of the shirt combined with the sheer materials and frills of a blouse, the blirt is every womans must have!
And my oh my are them some beautiful ones to wear!
I know that Chloe is my favourite designer but if any designer is going to master the Blirt it is going to be Chloe.
Gucci  Jason Wu 
Topshop Topshop
Team it up with skinnies or chinos or even do an Olivia Palermo and wear a chiffon blirt with a maxi skirt for a casual chic look. Whatever you wear it with, just make sure you wear it!

Take it off

Now don't get me wrong, I love to see a good looking guy showing a bit of flesh during the summer. A few tattoos on show maybe BUT one thing I cannot and will never wrap my head around is men who wear tank tops. It is NOT okay for a man to wear a vest. No matter how buff, how famous or hot good looking I cannot agree with a man in a wife beater vest. 
Put on a t-shirt or don't wear anything! That is how all guys should think. If you're going to wear a top, wear a proper one,NOT a vest. PLEASE!
See, hot guy, John Mayer....tank top no... t-shirt? Yes yes yes....
I could go on but my point is that no male should wear a vest. Unless they're Jim Royal.  So guys, turn the tank tops away!  xoxo

Beauty in Couture.

Now it's not just clothes that can be couture. Because of course to go with couture clothing you need couture make up right? I mean you would never see Lady GaGa in her wacky couture gowns with a simple natural make up look would you? So during fashion week 2011 some of the most amazing make up looks were gracing the catwalks. 

Chanels new lace veils and midnight blue nail varnish.
Now I think that the one person who could rely on natural make up with their designs is Valentino. With stunning designs the need for vibrant and over powering make up is not needed. Instead a more bold natural look is used to emphasise big and beautiful eyes.

I think that this is one of my favourite make up looks to grace the catwalks as, although the make up is still visible, it emphasises the true beauty of not just the models but also the clothes. 

Flash Trash

The ladies from Made in Chelsea have all made a mark on the fashion world. Especially Caggie Dunlop with her chic rock star style and mix and match painted nails. But also Amber Artherton, with her designer jewellery. I have selected a few of my favourites that are Flash Trash worth the money!

If only I could afford anything I wanted!  xoxo

Bobby Hillson

When art is incorporated into art of when fashion is influenced by a piece of art I find it extremely inspirational. Art if very rarely the base of fashion influence any more, as world issues and architecture seems to be the base of all ideas. However Bobby Hillson is, in my eyes an inspiration that should be used.
Based on models and trends seen during the time, the quirkiness of Hillsons art work is responsible for inspiring some of Mary Quants mini dress designs, with fun loving girls being the idea behind the clothing. With simple pencil sketches she created a world of beautiful drawings.
I can't help but think that its the simple things that manage to cause a stir that are the true greats.

Get on your dancing shoes

This season SHOES are amazing! Whether its high heels, wedges or boots, I have come across so many pairs of beautiful creations they need to be shared!

Topshop Russell and Bromley  Kurt Geiger Dune Topshop Topshop Chloe