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Spring is here!

Well it's been a while! Apologies for my lack of blogging over the last few months I have been rushed off my feet. I am about a month away from finishing uni forever (therefore have been in a state of growing up panic) and have been trying to get my Final Major Project done for the last three months. I decided to give myself a stupid amount of work to do using programmes and techniques that I have NO idea how to use...hence the needing maximum brain capacity and taking a step away from blogging.

Well I say a step away, I have actually been interning at Motel in Bristol and blogging a little bit for them (check it out on motel trying to get as much experience as I can before I actually have to bite the bullet, grow up and start acting like I'm 23 not pretending to be stuck in the wonderful world of 21 forever.

I have a slight case of Peter Pan syndrome going on.

BUT enough of that.

I have fallen head over heels in love.

With The White Pepper.

They're new season c…