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26 Things you should know and do by 26

Happy (mid) November everyone! I have to apologise again, I seem to have slipped into my full time job mode again and haven't had the time to squeeze in blogging. I struggle sometimes to summon up the confidence to post, mainly because I'm in love with bloggers like Sophia Rosemary and Megan Ellaby  who are two of the BEST bloggers I have come across in a long time. Honestly check them out.
But now I have just hit my 26th Birthday (Woo I managed to stay alive) and I just spent the weekend with some of my friends from school I thought I would look back over the top 26 things that I know now I'm 26. I'm talking more life, style and beauty rather than solid facts.
1. Age doesn't matter anymore. In our parents generation people met and fell in love when they were 16. Everyone was pregnant and ready to be 'families' at 26. But now so many avenues are open for you to start living your settled down life at any age, that age really is becoming just a number.
2. Li…