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ASOS made Fresh

So although I may not be a student any more, I appreciate that many freshers this year (as well as all other years) will be looking forward to loan day. I also know that when you start uni you hit a major identity crisis. When hitting this wall whats a girl to do? could go through one of those weird phases that you see people having where they dress up as a cat for a week or shave their head. OR you could head over to one of my favourite websites and shop until you create a whole new you!!

My way is best right?

So here we go...let me introduce you to the wonderful world of ASOS and it's wonderful discounts.

So I advise you now as a former Fashion student you WILL want to sign up to everything possible with ASOS get on Unidays, get on ASOS premier....EVERYTHING. It is also one of the very few places that you can get student discount on items from shops that don't actually do student discounts themselves aka River Island.

So I have picked out my Freshers top 5 pieces …

Not so popular now

Well well well....I personally have never been THAT much of an Urban Outfitters fan. Yes they're good for stocking up on pretty coffee table books and the occasional collared dress (which I'm always a fan of) but I am definitely not a fan of anything 'Urban renewal' or denim shorts that show half of your bum cheek when you're walking around. Urban seems to try to hard to not try hard. Now just to add fuel to the fire Urban have gone and released a t-shirt which is being viewed as being completely for eating disorders.

I know that it is a dramatic reaction to the release of a top but the stores "Eat Less' has caused a riot across the world of celebrities and eating disorder charities. Sophie Bush has also declared war on the store saying that she will no longer buy clothes from them and urging people to donate money that they would have spent in store to charity.

This comes briskly after the store released a t-shirt featuring 'Depression' and 'S…