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Valentino Valentine?

Ok so I am sat on the sofa watching a few of the runway shows from times gone by and have noticed that when it comes to Valentino I am sure of very few things.
1. Valentino dresses are THE most beautiful dresses in the world. 2. Ever since watching Sex and the City the movie I cannot get the image of the Valentino dress from the Vogue shoot out of my mind 3. I WANT IT!!
Now this did make me aware of the fact that with Valentino myself and a lot of others do not look much further than dresses, blissfully un-aware that like any other designer Valentino has much more to offer. So thanks to my search into Spring/Summer 12 welcome to my whole new wish list of Valentino.

If only Valentino could be my Valentine! xoxo

The Benefits of Benefit

Every girl knows that make up is an essential part of our lives. Whether we like to to be or not every girl loves a make up bag full of pretty blushers, mascaras, lip sticks and brushes. Personally I am not the kind of girl who spends a lot on my make up, purely because I tend not to wear that much. However recently I decided to invest in some GORGEOUS benefit make up (and also blag some freebies)
My best friend recently gave me her high beam (because she is lucky enough not to need it) however I LOVE the overly dewy look with make up and this is now my favorite item of make up that I own. Use it anywhere on your face from eyes to cheeks and it instantly wakes up your complexion. 
This is also one of the best benefit products I have used. One coat immediately plumps up your eye lashes in the same way that numerous coats of any other mascara would. Plus it's water proof which is even better!  There is also a matching eye liner which is amazing! It smudges perfectly and stays put for h…

Marketa Uhlirova


Crazy for paisley

Some might say that Paisley has run it's course but I disagree. Not only is it sweeping the catwalks this season with everybody from Dior to Chloe using Paisley within at least one item of their collections,it is still beautiful!

From Paisley dresses to skirts and mix and match prints to create the quirky geek chic style,you definitely need to get crazy for Paisley!


Recommended Reads

I am one of those girls who loves coffee table books! The nicer they look the more interesting I find them! I am a regular visitor to Urban outfitters to pick up any fashion or illustration books I can get my hands on. So here are my selected reads :)
Lauren Conrad - Style This is pretty much my bible.  It is my reference for getting dressed, make up..EVERYTHING.  I know a lot of people don't think Lauren Conrad has much say in style but I am a true follower!
Teen Vogue handbook.  What needs to be said? What would Audrey do? This gives an insight into Audrey Hepburns life, giving you the ideas on how to deal with  situation just like Audrey would.
This is the perfect coffee table book. Full to the brim with GORGEOUS illustrations!
Give them a read and you'll see what I mean!