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It's a change of generation

I am 25 years old. I was born in 1990 (at the end) just to throw that out there. But still I was born in at a time where our parents were married, they had probably been together since they were teenagers and when we were born it was the best day of our parents lives.
I know in my case all of the above applied. I mean I was 7 weeks early (once again my argument that I am SO impatient and NEVER late) so that wasn't an enjoyable moment around my birth but everything else about my life from day one has been pretty darn perfect. I have an older brother, someone to look out for me and slap a few mean boys around if I need him to (hypothetically of course) my parents are as loved up now as they were when they were first together (Actually happy Anniversary for tomorrow...29 years?) We had a dog, we spent time with my grandparents who were and still are some of my best friends and we just got on with being kids.
Don't get me wrong school was a nightmare for me, my brother....hard to…

Seth Cohen was my first love

The last month or so has flown by! As if we are already in July. Terrifying. I've been a bit slow on the blog posts lately, I've sort of felt a lack of inspiration to write about much but something yesterday spurred on my need to write.
Yes that is right, our favourite style icon is finally adding to her mark on the fashion world with her own collection. 
This got me thinking about how quickly your taste and opinions on everything change. From clothes you like to food you eat.
So I thought I would take a look at some of my first favourites I'm talking teenage years by the way this isn't going to be a break down of my first word and hair cut.
1. First TV Addiction - The OC Seth Cohen was my first love. Hands down, his geeky little comments and penguin jumpers were all I needed through the OC. I actually remember it was on every Tuesday night and it was the highlight of the week! Also I mean everyone wanted to be rich and live in ma…