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Darling Dahlia

If you haven't already discovered this beautiful gem of a brand then here is a run down of possibly one of my favourite collections of beautiful clothing and accessories around. Dahlia is the epitome of quirky girliness, created by Tracy and her sister, the girls began by making designs and selling them in Portabello and Spitafields markets.  Unlike anything else around, you cannot be surprised that the clothing blew up when it was spotted and fallen in love with by fashion loving girls. 
Now my personal style can only be described as geeky school girl (hence why I am constantly asked if I am a child or not....I'm nearly 24 ps.) So when I cam across pastel colours, box fits and lace trims I could have cried. To top it all of the brand is also responsible for creating possibly the most beautiful shoes I have seen.
But enough of my waffling, let me show you some of the delights.
This lace overlay top is more than a pretty shirt. The clever thing with Dahlia is that they create g…