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"It's the most ...... time of the year"

Ok so Christmas is round the corner. Therefore the emotional rollercoaster of the festive season is upon us?
Why an emotional rollercoaster I hear you ask?
WELL. Our whole year runs up to Christmas, we start in January by least I have pretty much 12 months to save for Christmas because last year wiped me out! (Of course by the time January Sales hit we are all majorly poor again anyway) but hey its the thought that counts!
Now I love Christmas, I am a die hard lover of opening presents, people seem to find it odd but I actually enjoy the physical opening not necessarily the gift inside, weird I know but thats what I also blame my ridiculous addiction to ASOS on so....
The only issue I have with Christmas is that it just appears! One minute people are stressing about Halloween costumes then the next morning you wake up and your street is filled with multicoloured light and people are in work demanding gift recipes and gift wrapping (gift wrapping by the way is NOT a part…