Recommended Reads

I am one of those girls who loves coffee table books! The nicer they look the more interesting I find them! I am a regular visitor to Urban outfitters to pick up any fashion or illustration books I can get my hands on. So here are my selected reads :)

Lauren Conrad - Style
This is pretty much my bible. 
It is my reference for getting dressed, make up..EVERYTHING.
 I know a lot of people don't think Lauren Conrad has much say in style but I am a true follower!

Teen Vogue handbook. 
What needs to be said?
What would Audrey do?
This gives an insight into Audrey Hepburns life, giving you the ideas on how to deal with
 situation just like Audrey would.

This is the perfect coffee table book. Full to the brim with GORGEOUS illustrations!

Give them a read and you'll see what I mean!



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