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Ok so Christmas is slowly creeping up and I have done zero shopping because I am SO poor, so the time has come for me to part ways with some of my beloved clothes. *Boo* I take too long to choose too many things so I'm going to start by putting just a few things up.

If anybody is interested in anything I post just leave a comment on the post or email me! I can only take payment through paypal just because it's a lot easier than any other way!

This dress is from the Apricot collection in Debenhams. I think I have put it on one and not actually worn it.It's perfect for Christmas with all the sparkles! You would have to wear tights with it because it is quite short but it is in really good condition! It's a size M/L so around a 10-12 I would say just because it is quite tight fitting!

(Sorry about the excessive striped on this) This is such a cute shirt from New Look. again I think i've worn it once at the most. I love this but I just don't have anything to wear it with :(
Size 12
Finally this top, this is one of my favorite tops but I realised that I NEVER wear it. It's one of those annoying things that you really love but never find the right time to wear. It's from the lovely Topshop and is a size 10. Again it can be quite dressy so good for Christmas!

I will also be posting my Topshop quilted jacket soon but it is currently on Ebay so if it doesn't sell keep you're eyes peeled!

So yeah, if you like any of these just drop me an email or leave a comment and I'll contact you!



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