Jeepers Peepers

The sun is finally out! *Cheers* I will apologise in advance in case this post decides to jinx the weather and we all wake up tomorrow in the midst of a hurricane. But whilst it is sunny we can spend our precious and fashionable time sunglasses shopping!

I never really take notice of the sunglasses people wear (probably because we rarely get a chance to wear them) but when I was browsing ASOS the other day I noticed the hundreds of different styles that are out there!

I'm personally a fan of the WAG glasses. As much as I hate to say it, if my sunglasses don't cover majority of my face, they are not ok. Wishing I had money to buy a pair of House of Holland sunnies is also proving to be a bit of a downer at the moment, of course I love them.

So I have decided to scout some of the best peeper protectors out there for this sunny weather.

House of Holland never fails to let me down. These are to die for!!!!

Topshop also seem to try and make a statement with their sunglasses, although I love these they do get a little carried away sometimes.

When it comes to the classics I think it's fair to say that a good pair of ray ban aviators is the way forward. I see thousands of people wearing Ray Bans and I must admit my jealously is fuelled by how pretty they are! (Damn me and my big round face)

All hail Prada!

Illesteva and Zac Posen have created possibly my favourite pair EVER. I am a huge fan of cat eye glasses and the bigger the better!

So now the sun has got it's hat on, get your sunnies out and catch some rays!
Let's not kid ourselves, this is our summer.



  1. Hahaha xx love your post!! Hooray for the sun

  2. Lovely post..and like your collection sunglasses collection..thanks for the post.
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