Glasto Glam off

I have to say I nearly called this post "Glasto Glamo" but I shook my head at myself as I wrote it. I may be a little distracted as I write this as Matilda has just started on TV and after a killer gym session I'm not sure if my legs are still attached to my body.

Anyway enough about that, this weekend has seen the countries most loved festival take over. Rolling Stones were the ones to watch as they headlined the festival last night. I must admit not being a Stones fan...they were AMAZING. Personally one band stole the entire gig for me though, Arctic Monkeys. I mean HOW? Alex Turner has turned into one hell of a good looking chap and the mixture of old and new tracks they played were insane.

But as always it was the fashion that caught my eye and being a true Flack fan, my instagram was filled with snaps of Caroline Flack look festival fab. Millie Mackintosh was another style hit on top of many others.

Miss Flack

Wearing her must have Hunter wellies and cut off shorts, Flack looked more than festival ready shaded under her hat and over sized sunnies.

Millie Mackintosh
Of course Pro Green and Mack are the hottest couple of the year and Millie lived up to her ever so stylish reputation with an array of floral headbands and cropped tops. All topped off with Cider in hand.

Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller feeling ever so at home with her stylish printed jacket. It seems that the over sized hat was a must have this year!

Cara Delevingne
Model royalty Cara stepped out in style in her jacket that's as crazy as she is. 

Now I may be one of very few people that do not find camping in a muddy field appealing. I would much rather be sat here looking at what everybody is wearing than actually being one of them. But this year not only was the music at a high but so was the style. 

Who were your favourites?



  1. Amazing festival looks! But Millie's definitely is my favourite. She look so cool and angelic with that flower crown :)

    If you like, check out my latest post?

    Jess xo

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