"It's the most ...... time of the year"

Ok so Christmas is round the corner. Therefore the emotional rollercoaster of the festive season is upon us?

Why an emotional rollercoaster I hear you ask?

WELL. Our whole year runs up to Christmas, we start in January by thinking...at least I have pretty much 12 months to save for Christmas because last year wiped me out! (Of course by the time January Sales hit we are all majorly poor again anyway) but hey its the thought that counts!

Now I love Christmas, I am a die hard lover of opening presents, people seem to find it odd but I actually enjoy the physical opening not necessarily the gift inside, weird I know but thats what I also blame my ridiculous addiction to ASOS on so....

The only issue I have with Christmas is that it just appears! One minute people are stressing about Halloween costumes then the next morning you wake up and your street is filled with multicoloured light and people are in work demanding gift recipes and gift wrapping (gift wrapping by the way is NOT a part of retail workers jobs...we are not elves) 

From a retail workers point of view the Christmas countdown is more of a countdown to that delightful 24 hours you get off. Because yes...when you shop on Christmas Eve and Boxing day WE have to be there to open the shop for you (maybe bear that in mind when you're shouting at us for fitting too much in your carrier bag or not having the size you want in stock) We would all love to be at home with our families in a Boxing day food coma just as much as you do!

HOWEVER there are some almighty BRILLIANT things about the festive season;

1. Illness - not in a weird way but everyone tends to catch a cold this time of year right? So when your beloved two days off come along it is suddenly more than acceptable to scrunch up in a ball on the sofa with a tin of quality Streets and watch those god awful Christmas films that Channel 5 show all day everyday. 

2. Calories - No matter what people say, Calories is a none existent word from October 31st - January 5th. Specific dates I know but Halloween sweets are too good to ignore and lets face it theres still a lot of leftover chocolate and alcohol to drink well into the first week of December.
No rational human has Calorie Morals when it comes to Christmas. 

3. Early nights - It goes dark at 4pm...darkness = bedtime. If you're hungover? Go to bed. Full? Go to bed. Just a bit bored? GO TO BED. The one plus of minimal hours of daylight during winter is that bedtime just comes earlier.

4. Christmas lists - I may be the only one but I love making extravagant Christmas lists just incase Mr Right knocks on my door a couple of months before Christmas and wants to spoil me rotten.
5. The most perfect movie moment of all time. 
Because you know that shit doesn't happen in real life.

6. Being Single - No it sounds weird but seeing couples who spend all year bragging about how nice it is to be in a relationship tear chunks out of each other in public over which scarf to by his great Nans new boyfriend is comedy gold. As a singleton you only have one set of people to worry about, one set of people to buy for and zero people to drag around Christmas shopping with you. You also don't get dragged into the immortally embarrassing "Matching Christmas jumper" thing that couples seem to find endearing. You can also escape any plans people try and drag you into because you have nobody to drag you to their Christmas party.

7. And of course. The one truly fantastic thing about Christmas...the greatest creation...the thing that is only seen at Christmas...the thing that brings tears to the eyes of even the most un-festive.



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