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I always think it's funny how the colour of your hair can have such a big impact on how a person looks. Women in particular assume that men prefer blonde hair. I think it's just an old assumption. I also think its quite a worrying sign that girls may sometimes change their hair for men. I have been guilty of this when I was younger and look back now and give my 17 year old self a good slap.

In the past year I have been undergoing the most drastic hair change. When I was 17 I had my hair cut into a pixie cut....and I mean the most pixie of pixie cuts. Most people I knew were a little bit in shock the initial comments were "Aren't you worried you'll look like a boy?" "But how will you tie it up?" or "Oh my god I could never do that"

Well I never did it with the intention of other people doing it with me. It was bleach blonde and really short...really short.

Over time the trend kind of picked up and more and more people had short hair. So I decided to grow it. Then cut it. Then grow it. Then I just had no idea what I was doing.

Went through variations of terrible fringes, weird colours, shaved bits, under cuts - all sorts.

Then I became a student and was clearly far too poor (and drunk) to maintain anything to do with my hair and saw myself go through a questionable 'heavy root' (Also known as the I can't afford to get my highlights done look) 

Anyway time past and after going from Twiggy cuts to Michelle Williams short bob I...moved in on my own.

It doesn't sound like that should have much of an affect on your hair but my god.., in the winter when you're feeling a bit shit and everyone goes home from work to hibernate the boredom can get overwhelming. 

Introducing Bleach London.

I went purple

And Pink

And also Blue but that was a terrible one that I chose not to document.
Now don't get me wrong I did like my hair different colours and the fact that they only last a few days was great. Now I look back though I think I was going through some sort of weird identity crisis. I thought I was meant to look a certain way because it was how people were use to seeing me.

Once I turned it Blue was NOT a few days before it washed out and it started turning a funny seaweed colour...SO

This happened. I bleached the shit out of it (and cut my own fringe in) When I say bleached I mean BLEACHED it was the whitest it has ever been. It was destroyed and costing a fortune to tone and maintain.

So after looking at it and realising it was probably going to fall out and somebody ID'ing me for a lottery ticket I decided to take my hair down a more mature route.

I spent about 6 months looking at different pictures of hair cuts and colours. My go to was obviously Alexa Chung because...I love her.

So with a Pinterest board full of ideas I booked in to go to the dark side.
Even the hairdressers asked me about 15 times "Are you sure you want to do this?" to which my response was "Yeah... it's hair it'll grown, or wash or fade just do it"

Four hours sat in the salon after having my hair turned orange (stops it going green) the new Olaplex treatment (which is amazing) and my colour my transformation was....drastic to say the least. 

That was around 7 weeks ago. Now I have been religiously using oil treatments and looking after my hair like it is my child. I have a goal in mind and my hair is growing faster than it ever has plus ITS SHINY. Never have I had shiny hair.

 And today...after months of growing and babysitting my locks I have reached the 70's bang stage. Trying to balance out the length of your hair against the length of a fringe is oddly hard work but still. My colour has faded into highlights that I was originally going to get charged £120 for so its all going well!

My point of this post? One of the first comments I got when I revealed my dark hair was 
"Why did you go dark for summer? Everyone goes blonde for summer don't they?"
I think he answered his own question there didn't he.

You don't have to go along with what everyone else is doing. Lets face it everyone always wants what they haven't got in relation to EVERYTHING. 

So yeah I took the plunge without thinking about anybody else and it felt pretty damn great.



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