Seth Cohen was my first love

The last month or so has flown by! As if we are already in July. Terrifying. I've been a bit slow on the blog posts lately, I've sort of felt a lack of inspiration to write about much but something yesterday spurred on my need to write.


Yes that is right, our favourite style icon is finally adding to her mark on the fashion world with her own collection. 

This got me thinking about how quickly your taste and opinions on everything change. From clothes you like to food you eat.

So I thought I would take a look at some of my first favourites I'm talking teenage years by the way this isn't going to be a break down of my first word and hair cut.

1. First TV Addiction - The OC
Seth Cohen was my first love. Hands down, his geeky little comments and penguin jumpers were all I needed through the OC. I actually remember it was on every Tuesday night and it was the highlight of the week! Also I mean everyone wanted to be rich and live in mansions.

2. First Celebrity crush (Real person not Cohen)
Robbie Williams
Yes Robbie. The first words to a song and the first poster on my wall.

And this is an actual scrap book that I actually made. 

3. First Selfie.
So I just managed to log in to my Myspace account (which was hilarious) and came across my first ever selfie. I think this was before selfies were actually a thing and I'm pretty sure it was taken with my Motorola Razr?

4. First Celebrity I met - 
Alex Ferguson
Yes of all the places to be taken with my brother and his friend, I went to Old Trafford. I think myDad was a little bit more excited than 7 year old me.

5. First Tattoo - 
For my Nan (Well because of my Nan, she would have loved the fact that I rebelled got one...well three now )

6. First one of my friends to adult
Yes the time came recently where the first of my best friends got married. As always its so nice to get back together with your friends that you don't get to see often enough.

It's funny how time moves on so fast you blink and everything changes. But it's nice to have a look back over the past decisions we've made. For me in particular the dreadful clothing and hair choices I've made and the fact that I did actually once do a show and tell in school about Ronan Keating.

(Don't ask)



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