It's Chanel Number 5 and nothing else

So I hit a bit of a bump in the road lately where I felt like my love for writing and blogging took a turn into me using my blog as a place to vent...which lets face it nobody wants to read. So I am back with a positive outlook and making a positive change with everything.

Right now my focus is on where I live. If you're a renter (which most of us are nowadays) you'll know how hard it is to make a place feel like home when you have no control over the colours of the walls or the type of kitchen and furniture you get. Me being me I like to have my slightly odd stamp on places and with my flat now it's no different.

I love the basic foundations to my flat, the colour scheme (mainly dark grey and white) is just what I like and pretty much everything about it is spot on. All be it I only had one wardrobe which was not ok. BUT I have started getting a few home bits together to make the flat feel like mine.

I've always sort of lived year to year and expected to moved after each 12 month contract ran out but I love living in Cardiff and no opportunity has come my way YET to make me want to move. I think now I see so many of my friends getting married or living with their other halves I've decided to stop focusing on being on my own and start focusing on making everything in my life mine.

So bit by bit I've been gathering homeware bits...majority of my flat is from Next Home. I love Next Home so much. A few years ago it seemed quite expensive but now they come out with some of the nicest home pieces I come across. 

I did however fall head over heels with Megan Ellabys blog and since I have been following her I have fallen in love with the idea of mixed geo prints. (Check out her blog/youtube and you'll see her home halls) 

So as blogging goes I took inspiration to freshen up my place for summer and decided to focus on mixing pink,green and black with copper accessories. (Its a work in progress but is looking SO nice so far)

But what I wanted this post to focus on was my new print. I love the idea of hand drawn prints and gallery walls and again because I'm renting a gallery wall is kind of against the rules. But I decided that I wanted a nice print to be the focus of my bedroom. 

So as anyone who knows prints knows...Etsy was the place to go and oh my goodness I found the best prints EVER courtesy of Chloe Vaux (I can't find if she has Social media so I'll link from her name to her page) 

I'm always a bit sceptical of ordering things like this because I don't want them to look cheap etc. 

But I ordered a Chanel Number 5 print from Chloe on her Etsy shop...within three days it had arrived and well...

Not only was it perfectly wrapped but it was also wrapped in glittery tissues paper and filled with hearts. With a stunning sticker and written note.

Now when you order anything like this, the way it is delivered makes all the difference.

So my intention was to make it the main focus of my bedroom, I recently had to invest in another wardrobe and a shoe storage cabinet (one wardrobe would never be  enough) so I decided to go for an A3 print which was only £15.
When it arrived I went and got a frame from Next which was only £18

When I got home I was so happy with how everything came together, I made the perfect little focus area in my room which managed to combine what I love on all levels.

So I advise you all to go and check out Chloe Vaux and her shop on Etsy. Also whilst you are on a blogger inspiration jaunt make sure you check out Megan Ellaby, she is one of the most down to earth Vloggers I have come across in a long time!




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