26 Things you should know and do by 26

Happy (mid) November everyone! I have to apologise again, I seem to have slipped into my full time job mode again and haven't had the time to squeeze in blogging. I struggle sometimes to summon up the confidence to post, mainly because I'm in love with bloggers like Sophia Rosemary and Megan Ellaby  who are two of the BEST bloggers I have come across in a long time. Honestly check them out.

But now I have just hit my 26th Birthday (Woo I managed to stay alive) and I just spent the weekend with some of my friends from school I thought I would look back over the top 26 things that I know now I'm 26. I'm talking more life, style and beauty rather than solid facts.

1. Age doesn't matter anymore. In our parents generation people met and fell in love when they were 16. Everyone was pregnant and ready to be 'families' at 26. But now so many avenues are open for you to start living your settled down life at any age, that age really is becoming just a number.

2. Living on your own is one of the best choices you can make. Yes it can be lonely sometimes (especially in my case as I don't live particularly close to my friends in Cardiff) but oh my god. I love being able to come home after work and...well do whatever I want.

3. If you did a Fashion Degree, there's a good chance you're not utilising it. I work in retail (still) and know a very small handful of people who are utilising their degree in the way we all thought we would.

4. But Uni is the best time ever. It makes you grow up and also become an alcoholic. It's great.

5. Be careful with your money. Try your best to avoid getting Credit Cards or store cards. Once you're in you're in.

6. Ironically - Join ASOS Premier. It saves you a lot of money (in theory) Free next day delivery for an entire year saves you £7ish an order. 

7. Find your style. 
8. Don't let other people diss your style.

9. If people do diss your style, suck it up, shrug it off and keep doing what you wanna do.

10. Find your make up look. It's taken me a few years and many many youtube videos to find exactly how I like my make up. But find what you feel comfortable with a roll with it.

11. Invest in your make up and skin care. I'm not saying go out and buy £1000 moisturiser because it has unicorn tears in it, I mean spend time looking into what you need for your skin and make up. Go to a department store or make up store and have them assess your skin.

12. Never have chipped nail varnish.

13. If you can't pluck your own eyebrows properly, don't pluck your own eyebrows.

14. DO NOT think you have to have scouse brows. 

15. Find your perfect shade of red lipstick. There is no other colour that will make you feel as sassy and powerful as your perfect red. (FYI mine is the Kat Von D Studded Kiss in Archangel

16. If you don't own a pet you'll suddenly find yourself obsessed with either cats, dogs or rabbits.
This is an actual board on my Pinterest (lucyashley13)

17. Utilise Pinterest. Honestly. Your friends will be getting married, you'll want to change your hair and you'll need a board of...cats,dogs or rabbits to look at.

18. Don't settle for a guy you don't really like.

19. Don't chase guys you do like if they aren't trying. 

20. Buy good coffee. You'll be working full time, trying to have a social life and probably lying in bed stressing for hours every night about the previous 19 things in this list.

21. Don't compare yourself to everyone else. Comparison is a killer. How you live your life is nobody elses business.

22. Enjoy Social Media. We are the generation who loved Social Media,we should be the ones helping to stop all of this horrible online bullying.

23. Friends are about quality not quantity. 

24. Make sure you have watched ALL three Bridget Jones films

25. Own a designer handbag. Whether its gifted of a treat.

26. "Nothing will fuck up your twenties like thinking you should have your shit together."



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