Why 'Girls' is the most relatable thing for people trying to Adult.

Speaking from a personal perspective, I think that being a woman with next to NO self confidence or faith in myself it is always refreshing to see the feelings most people have *especially when trying to adult*

- Social Media

Everyone knows that social media is tough going It's the most lethal home comparison, idealistic lives and well bull shit really. The plus of Social Media is that people can openly lie and nobody has any idea. Someone can create a life that you would love to be living, when in reality its made up of good lighting and a set up that has taken 2 hours to create *Coffee cup must be facing the right way* Don't get me wrong I use social media a lot (Facebook not so much now, thats mainly puppy videos) but I filter my pictures, select pictures to post when I'm wearing an outfit I love or when I'm out and about having fun with my friends....I don't post pictures of myself sat in my leopard print pyjamas at 7pm watching Emmerdale with sudocrem all over my face because...ew.

- Relationships

When you become an Adult you get told that learning to be independent and happy in your own company is key. We go through school, College, Uni (some people not all) and we learn how to be around different people in all different environments. Friendships change, relationships change and you realise that you've completely lost track of what it is that you're looking for. Then when it finally arrives at your door whether its in the form or a friend, relationship, job you freak out. New environments, new feelings, new emotions freak humans the f**k out. We spent the first 21 years of our life *if you go to uni etc* being told how to act, we have deadlines for projects, work, we are told where to be somewhere, when to do something....then when we become an adult we have to make all of these decisions on our own.

- Self Confidence

Oh confidence. The bane of our lives. I for one am not the person to talk to about getting over a lack of self confidence. I am the epitome of a self hater. I have no confidence in my body, my skills, my talents (If I actually have any) I'm really uncool, Im clumsy and I'm quite embarrassing but I get on with it and I think thats what most women and men in their 20's spend their time doing. We read articles about how we are at our prime at 26 *I really hope this isn't my prime* how we won't have our dream jobs until we're 40 and it is hard to switch off from it. We see couples getting married as often as we see couple splitting up, we see cheating, babies, houses, divorces, friendships ending, arguments all played out via social media. Our confidence has a right to be at a low because we have NO idea what is going to happen. The fear of the unknown is the most unnerving feeling there is. Once again we compare ourselves to everyone else "They were together for 4 years and split up, what if I get a bf and the same happens" "She's so skinny, I look so fat next to her" "Everyone will fancy her instead" "They've just brought a house and I can't even afford milk" we are all guilty for it but we can be oh so sassy about it if we give ourselves a kick up the backside.

- Style

You are your mates finally give up dressing like you're in a girl band. You can't help but notice groups of teenage girls strutting around town (with the craziest countouring and eyebrows may I add...how do they do it?!) their wardrobes must contain 
1. A bomber jacket
2. White skinny jeans
3. White Stan Smiths
4. An I-phone hanging out of their back pocket *stupid*
5. Brows
But when you get a bit older you realise that you and your friends can actually still be friends and dress completely differently. This is extremely true for me and my friends, none of us dress the same (I dress like a clown on acid sometimes so thats understandable) but we all have our own looks. Different clothes, hair, make up everything,  My confidence is 100% placed within my clothes, once my clothes are taken away I'm a wreck, you learn to use your style as a security blanket until you feel brave enough to take shit on. Shoshanna, Hannah, Marni and Jessa are prime examples of this!

- Arguments

I'm a firm believer that you get less and less interested in confrontation the older you get. I personally cannot be arsed to argue. I'd rather just deal with someone being a bit horrible to me, probably having a cry and just letting it go. Don't get me wrong, I have got exceptionally angry as I've got older but more in a grumpy old woman way. Instead as we get older I think we can argue with our friends just for the kick (which last for about 3 minutes) we cut out the people who repeatedly argue with us because *yawn* its effort. We become a lot more precious with our time and we don't let the people who have screwed us over in the past back in. 

- The ups and downs

Then you realise that all of this is simply just life. 
We all have our moments, we all have our ups and downs and we all come out of it the other side all shiny and new with a fresh new injection of sass.

*maybe sometimes a little bit exaggerated* 


*Also little disclaimer, This Morning are running a campaign called #bekind to try and prevent bullying in schools. Go and check it out because its amazing*


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