Back to Black?

Now I know that dark lips were all in season through winter but really? Im all for a bit of make up but i just cant wrap my head around why people would wear black lipstick?!

Now im a huge Gossip Girl fan and to see what Taylor Momsen did look like a few years ago is a bit of a shock when I look at her now. She was so girly and pretty when she started in GG and now shes a girl whos too young and trying too hard to make a name in the fashion world.
I know Beyonce looks fab in whatever she chooses to wear but even she is struggling to pull of this lipstick. I think it just takes away from everything else on a womans face! Why if you pretty would you smother yourself with black lipstick?!

See i prefer the natural look, or for an old school chic the red lip. 

Blake Lively is a prime example of lipstick worn right.

I think going all out on the lips is just a bit too far when it comes to keeping make up looking classy. Everybody should follow the rule 'Eyes or lips but never both' and a new rule should be made of 'NO BLACK LIPSTICK ALLOWED'