Its not all about the designer....

Now I'm not going to lie, if I could afford it i would be draped head to toe in Chanel and D&G with a nice hunk of Mulberry hanging off my arm but.....I'm not. I'm far from. I'm a student and therefore I worship the fashion forward high street. Now I will be the first to say that I don't walk around looking like a fashionista. Give me a leather jacket, tea dress and a pair of brogues any day! But i do know what is hot. High street hot. 

Now i have been a fan of Zara for years. I'm one of those annoying 'I don't want to wear anything anybody else has got' people. I never say 'ooh where are those from' or 'Do you mind if i get those?' Because be honest....we all mind if somebody copies our clothes!

So Zara.

They have created a mind blowing look book with gorgeous outfits.

 This is on my Christmas list already
 This is a look i adore. No matter what anybody says, any dress teamed with a leather jacket will always work. Without a doubt a classic look. 

This last image is the show stopped for me. I love the feminine and masculine combination. I wish i had a figure like that to pull of such a look but i am happy enough worshipping whoever came up with  it! I think the  bow tie will be making an appearance on the catwalks for a while. My personal winter tip (being one of those girls who doesn't bare everything when she goes out) leggings, or black skinny jeans in my case, teamed with a show stopping top, glitzy blazer, killer heels and stand out clutch is ALWAYS going to be a winner.

Thank you  Zara.



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