Oh Sienna.

I thought it was appropriate by this time to let people in on who i WORSHIP as a fashion icon.

Sienna Miller.
This is one of my all time favourite Sienna outfits. She manages to pull of such a pretty dress and yet keep it so on trend with what she has styled it with. I have two more red carpet looks that she has worn that deserve every fashion award going in my opinion.

Here she looks like a princess! The epitome of elegance and yet still chic and girly. 

This is my all time favourite. I love how she doesn't always feel the need to wear down to the floor glamour to look amazing. I love how she wear detailed jewellery instead of the obvious Tiffany's some others wear. 
This for day time elegance is perfect. I love how something so simple is turned into an outfit like this! Maybe the fact that she has the most desirable handbags in the world also help!

This is my favourite outfit I can remember seeing Sienna Miller wearing. Her shorts are amazing. Shoes are amazing and yet she can still look stylish in plain shorts and a baggy t-shirt! The most annoying thing, these are all from topshop. Oh to look like that!
And here once again accessorized head to toe with mulberry hat and bag! 

I think its fair to say its not just me that would love to own Siennas wardrobe? And of course her boyfriend , but thats a whole different matter. 



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